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Longshore Act Hearing Loss Claims


Nothing is Ever That Easy

Hearing Loss Claims under the Longshore Act are relatively easy to win. Most workers who have been working in a shipyard or on the water for 15-20 years have a viable hearing loss claim on their hands. However, just like with any other LHWCA claim, there are many ways for a sneaky insurance adjuster or defense lawyer to make sure that you don't receive any of your financial or medical benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. 
They do this by making you out to be a liar in front of the judge. They know that good credibility is what wins Longshore cases and they know that if the judge doesn't believe you then they will and then they get to make a boat-load of money. Don't fall for this trap and be honest with every detail to everyone involved in your LHWCA case. From my experience, pure and detailed honesty is the only way folks win these cases. 


Run-down of a LHWCA Hearing Loss Claim

You need to determine the details of your hearing loss claim under the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment

For example, suppose you have a 25.8% impairment of both ears.

You look at the Table of Schedules and see that "Compensation for loss of hearing in both ears" is 200 weeks.

Suppose you have an Average Weekly Wage of $987.33. 

Find out more about how you calculate your LHWCA Average Weekly Wage here. 

$987.33 x 2/3 = $658.21

So, your compensation rate is $658.21

The permanent disability calculation is as follows:

200 weeks x 25.8 = 51.6 weeks

$658.21 x 51.6 weeks = $33,963.63

You are then entitled to $33,963.63 in permanent disability for your loss of hearing.


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