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Best Washington DC lawyer Has The Tools You Need to Succeed With Your DBA Claim

“Truth never hurts the teller.”

– Robert Browning

You Need Someone to Tell It to You Straight.

When you are looking for representation for your Defense Base Act case you aren’t going to only want someone who is experienced and good at what they do. You are going to want both of those things and you are going to want them to be straightforward with you. Even if your case isn’t going well or something comes up you are going to want to know about it from your lawyer and you’re going to want them to be honest about it.

If you’re representation isn’t straight up with you then how are you going to trust them and the be completely honest with your own case under their guidance?

So, when you are looking for representation make sure they are not only experienced and skilled but they also know how to communicate with you and your family in an effective way that isn’t going to leave anyone in the dark.

This might mean you have to look out of the Washington DC area and that’s ok. Expand your DBA lawyer search to the corners of the United States until you find the best possible lawyer for you, your family and your case.



Because the Truth Wins.

I really emphasize honest and transparency in DBA cases because I know that’s how DBA cases are won. If the Judge suspects for even minute that you are lying about any aspect of your case you can say goodbye to your case and any benefits you might have received. It’s just how it is.

This means that not only do you have to have a well-informed, prepared and honest lawyer but it also means you, yourself, need to be prepared to tell every detail of your DBA claim truthfully.

You can do this be researching what the court is going to expect from you, what you need to do and provide to win your case, and what traps you need to avoid. You want this info laid out clearly and simply so you can get the info you need to understand quickly. That’s why I offer my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case. And that’s why I offer it here for FREE. It is my goal to make this process a little simpler, a little easier and a little clearer. 

That’s why I have also made my website extremely easy to navigate and understand so anyone can find the info they need for their DBA case including what evidence will help you win your DBA case to how to pick or change your doctor with DBA benefits.


Have any questions about what you have read so far, that’s ok we have answers.

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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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