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Best Defense Base Act Attorney in Utah Guides You Through Winning Your DBA Case

"You must study to be frank with the world: Frankness is the child of honesty and courage."

- Robert E. Lee

Utah Defense Base Act Attorney- Bill Turley

If you are a seriously injured DBA worker,  you may be asking yourself:

    How long do I have to report my injury? Who should I report it?
    Do I get to pick my own doctor?
    Who pays the medical bills? Do I get paid while I can’t work?
    How long will I be paid lost wage benefits? Medical benefits?
    Is the nurse case manager allowed to attend medical appointments with me?
    If I don’t like the doctor I’m going to, can I pick a new doctor?
    Do I still have a case if I am no longer working for the employer where I was injured?
    Can the Judge order a settlement?
    Can I receive money for pain and suffering because of my injury?
    How long after my accident can I recover my lost pay?
    Do my Unemployment or Social Security benefits affect my workers’ compensation benefits?
    Do I still have a case even if there were no witnesses to my accident?
    Do I have to provide the DBA insurance company with a recorded statement?

The answers to these questions can be found on the Turley Law Firm PC website, the most comprehensive DBA website out there. 

You can also find these answers in my book, Win Your Defense Base Actwhich you can order for FREE. This how-to guide will give you the in's and out's of the DBA. You will know exactly what you need to do and say in order to win your DBA case after reading this guide.

Just check out what these folks have to say about the book here. 

The Harsh Reality

The truth is too many civilian workers who suffered devastating injuries while supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan come home to fight yet another battle for receiving basic medical care and weekly compensation checks. I know you didn't ask for this. I know you're probably scared and concerned for your future. I know this is the unfortunate reality of your situation, but it's my job to give you the tools you need to make this reality a little brighter.

We're here to give you the support and guidance you need to not only go up agains the DBA insurance companies but beat them in court. We have the experience and know-how to accomplish this goal efficiently. I have been working with DBA-affiliated cases since 1987. I know what this battle looks like. I know the negative impact it can have on folks and their families and I try to avoid that outcome with everything I got.


Doing What It Takes to Win

I know that winning your case means a secure future for you and your loved ones and that this is win is not optional, it is necessary. With that in mind here are two pieces of advice that are going to help you win your DBA case in court. The first is always tell the truth and the second is to hire a well-seasoned DBA lawyer.

Telling Nothing But The Truth

Telling the complete truth seems simple when you think first think about it. You are an honest man, there's no questions about your integrity. I get that. However, the DBA insurance companies make a lot of money by making you out to be a liar in front of the judge. They are going to use the minute details of your past and present to dismantle you and your case. To avoid this you need to get all the details of your case straight. You need to know your case backwards and forward without any sugar coating or exaggeration of pain or severity of events. DBA cases are won with the truth. That's the reality.

Find out more here about winning your Defense Base Act case with the truth. 

A Well-Seasoned DBA Lawyer

Look here's the deal there is a good chance you are going to lose your DBA case or settle for much less than you deserve if you hire an inexperienced lawyer. There is an even better chance that this inexperience lawyer is learning the Defense Base Act alongside you, will stop answering your phone calls and get overwhelmed by the complexitities that make up DBA law. This is exactly what the DBA insurance companies want to happen.

The DBA insurance comapnies want you to make the common mistake of hiring a locally based lawyer in Utah who doesn't understand what could be actually gained if you treat a DBA case right. 'Cause if you do they, again, get to make a boat load of cash. Don't feed into their pocket. 

So instead of hiring an attorney that is based in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, Sandy, St. George or Layton; think outside the box of Utah and look for more experienced and skilled attorneys based in other states. You can do this. The Defense Base Act is under Federal Law, which means that anyone from anywhere can represent you and your case. This means you have a lot of options for representation. It also means you have the chance to find the best representation for you.

Here's an article that tells you what else to look for when you are seeking representation.

Attorney Fees

Another reason folks in your situation look for a Utah-based attorney is because they think that local legal representation will be cheaper than getting a top notch law firm that specializes in DBA law practices. Wrong.

At the end of most DBA cases you will not have to pay your attorney fees. If you have an experienced DBA lawyer, they will know this, win your case and have the DBA insurance company pay all of your legal fees. This is what should happen. This is what will happen if you find the better DBA attorney. 

However if you decide to hire a local lawyer they will likely be extremely expensive, do a poor job an representing you and your case, lose your case and still take all your money. I see it time and time again. When this happens the future of those represented isn't so pretty or those represented call us, panicked, and try to figure out next steps. Don't become one of these people, this process is difficult enough as it is. 

Whether or not you choose us as your representation, whether or not we can take your case, avoid the landmines set out by the DBA insurance companies. Get educated and be prepared. Start reading; whether it's DBA articles on our site or you order my FREE book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

Or ask us some questions. We are here to help. We are here to listen. Give us a call at 619-304-1000






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