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"I judge people based on their capability, honesty and merit." 

- Donald J. Trump



Truth Matters

When handling your DBA case, nothing matters more then the honest truth. Nothing. You must be straight forward and honest about your case. I have seen many instances where a client will sugar coat their injury and the courts throw out the case. Why? All because they were not honest from the get go.

The DBA insurance company is not on your side. They have traps laying around for you to fall in. And bet on it, if you do not follow the proper steps with your DBA case, you will fall right in. 

Remember the DBA insurance company is not your friend. Trust me. My only goal here is to make sure honest hard working folks like you, do not get ripped off by these companies. 

How To Research Your Defense Base Act Case:

You can start researching your Defense Base Act case right now by following thise link:

By visiting our Defense Base Act Library

Or by doing a Google Custom Search. 

If you enter search terms into the Google Custom Search box in the upper right hand corner of our web pages, you can search our site. For example, if you wanted to research whether you should give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster, type “recorded statement” into the Google Custom Search box.

If you want to further narrow your search, for example, type, “Defense Base Act recorded statement” or “Jones Act recorded statement” into the Google Custom Search box.

Or by calling us and asking us a question.

Seriously.  If you have a question that you don’t find the answer to on our website, call us. Our legal assistants and attorneys can answer your questions.  Just call us toll free at: 866-705-4617 or at our San Diego home base at: 619-234-2833

Or by checking some of these great sites to see other injured civilian contractor's reviews of DBA lawyers so you know who is the best to hire to represent your DBA case:

Or by reading my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case

You can order it online here for FREE!


Some Extra Help

Listen up cause this part is important. You are going to want to hire the best DBA lawyer out there. Does that mean limiting yourself to hiring someone in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso or Arlington? Absolutely not. Quite the opposite, you are going to need the best possible DBA lawyer no matter where they are located. If they are on the other side of the country but have the experience and skill set that allows them to win in court, HIRE THEM.

I cannot emphasize how important it is that you have the most ready and capable guide possible to take you through this process.

Still trying to decide between a local Texan lawyer or one from another state? Check out this article that gives you our best advice on the matter.

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