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The Best New Hampshire DBA Lawyer Wants You to Win Your Defense Base Act Case

“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”

– Edward Abbey

First Thing’s First

Deadlines matter. You need to file your claim, turn in the necessary documents on time. Meeting deadlines does nothing but help your Defense Base Act case. So, make sure your attorney and you, yourself, know this.

This brings me to the next thing you are definitely going to have to do to win.


Finding the Best of The Best

Finding the best DBA lawyer will most likely force you to look outside of Manchester, Nashua, Concord or Derry. And maybe there is a specialized DBA attorney hidden in one of these New Hampshire towns or cities. But it isn’t likely, simply because I would have heard of them.

The Turley Law Firm PC is one of the top two leading DBA law firms in the world. It’s our job to know who is the best of the best.

You want the best of the best. You want those deadlines known and met, you want your calls returned, you want to be guided by someone who knows that they are doing and know what to avoid when it comes to the DBA insurance companies.

Check out these two websites to find the best lawyer for your case:




Make the Truth the Backbone of Your Case

After you have the best possible lawyer for your DBA case you are going to have to know that telling truth is the most important asset to your DBA case. THE MOST IMPORTANT. I cannot stress it enough how important it is to tell the whole, complete truth to everyone, about everything, all the time.

Even if you don’t know an answer to a question, the best response is “I don’t know” not a guess even if it is an educated one. Even the best DBA attorney out there is not going to win you your case if you are lying. That’s the deal, plain and simple

In order to tell the whole and complete truth you are going to need to not only know every detail of your case but understand what the DBA insurance company’s lawyers are looking for as well. They are going to use every detail of your case to their advantage and make you look like a liar in court.

DO NOT let this happen. Be prepared for whatever they throw at you. Start studying. You can check out my book, Win Your Defense Base Act, which I offer here for FREE.

There is also the Turley Law Firm website that includes everything from how to talk to the DBA insurance adjuster to your DBA medical benefits.

Utilize these resources and be ahead of the curve and more importantly the DBA insurance companies.


If you have questions about your DBA case or the DBA law system in general, give us a call. We have the experience and understanding to give you the answers you need.


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