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The Truth Wins Your Defense Base Act Case with The Right Nevada DBA Lawyer

“Truth is the highest thing that man may keep.”

– Geoffrey Chaucer


I know You Want to Win

Here’s the deal; I know you want to win your Defense Base Act (DBA) case. No, I’m sorry, you need to win your DBA case. You and your family’s financial security is dependent on it. You didn’t want to get injured in the first place, you wanted to continue to work hard and make your money. But now you’re here and now you need to win your case. I know.

So, I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to win. I’m going to keep it plain and simple: Tell the truth and get the best possible representation.

Find out more about what medical benefits you are entitled to under the DBA here.


Honesty is Still the Best Policy

In order to win your case, you are going to need to tell the whole, complete truth and nothing but that to lawyer, your spouse, your kids, your employer, the DBA insurance company and most importantly the judge. To do this you are going to know your case backwards and front, have all the necessary evidence and documents and say all the right things.

To do all of this, you’re going to have to know the enemy and be prepared to fight. So, start studying. Utilize one of or both of these resources: my FREE book, Win Your Defense Base Act, with its many 5 Star reviews or the Turley and Mara website full of DBA info.

So, whether you are trying to figure out how what and Informal Telephone Conference is or what your medical rights are under the DBA, both of these resources have the answers.

Read this to help you win your case with the truth.


Best Possible Representation

Your first thought as soon as you realize that you have a DBA case on your hands is probably where is there a DBA lawyer in Nevada. Odds are there isn’t going to be an experienced, specialized, in other words the best, DBA lawyer in Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, Henderson or Sparks.

It’s a good thing that anyone from anywhere in the U.S. can represent you and your DBA case. Yes, even your great Aunt Mildred can represent you and she’ll probably do just as good of a job as that local inexperienced lawyer based out of Reno.

So instead take some time and do your research. Go online and look at reviews on Avvo.com or SuperLawyers.com. See how they talk; is it straightforward? Do they seem honest? Can you trust them? Watch their videos, read their blog posts and testimonials, basically see if they know what they’re doing.

I Want You to Win

I have been doing this a long time, 25 years to exact, and represented over 1000 injured workers, covered by the Defense Base Act or the Longshore Act. Now the Turley and Mara Law Firm is one of the leading DBA law firms in the world.

I know what it takes to win DBA cases. I know because I’ve done it time and time again. While every case is different with different lawyers, families, futures at stake, etc. I know that one thing remains the same: the truth coupled with the best lawyer wins DBA cases.

This is why I give you these tips, here and now, before you’ve signed up for anything. This is why I offer my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, for FREE here.

I want you to win. Simple as that.


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