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The Best Reviewed Nebraska DBA Lawyer Helps You Avoid Traps Laid Out By DBA Insurance Companies

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

– George Washington


What Inexperience Gets You

If you are an injured civilian contractor who has recently returned to Nebraska from overseas you are most likely covered by the Defense Base Act (DBA) and you most likely need a lawyer. Not just any lawyer. The absolute best DBA lawyer that you can find.

The best DBA lawyer you can find is going to be an experienced and specialized DBA lawyer and they might not be based in Lincoln, Omaha, Fremont or Hastings. What an inexperienced local lawyer will probably get you is missed deadlines, unanswered phone calls, and eventually a settled case that gets you less than half of the benefits you are entitled to.


The DBA insurance companies are banking on this happening. Don’t fall for this trap.


What Lack of Preparation Gets You

The first thing you need to know is that you are going to win your Defense Base Act case one way. This one way is with the truth. No matter what and no matter who you are talking to, always tell the truth when it comes to your DBA case.

This way is going to require more preparation than you think. This is because the DBA insurance companies are constantly laying out traps for you to fall in and make you out as a liar in front of the judge. You are going to have to know what these traps are and where they are hidden so you can avoid them.

Check out our website that covers everything from how to deal with DBA insurance adjuster to what medical benefits are provided by the DBA.

Or order my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, today for FREE. This book covers the ins and outs of the Defense Base Act and what you need to do to find success.

Without this preparation, you will be caught in one of the DBA insurance company’s traps. One small detail about a past injury or an email that was sent to your employer will break your case if you don’t see it coming and have the right response for it.


The Turley Law Firm PC doesn’t want any of these outcomes for you

My firm is telling you about these traps with your DBA case so you don’t fall into them. I know that these traps are there, hidden, waiting for you because I’ve been doing these kinds of cases for a pretty long time.

I know what to expect because I’ve represented thousands of civilian contractors who have been injured overseas and now my firm is one of the top two leading Defense Base Act Law Firms in the world.

I also know you that here I am telling you that your credibility is going to win your DBA case without establishing my own. So here are some reviews on



Super lawyer

to build up my own case. I don’t want you to get screwed over by these big DBA insurance companies and either do you.


Look if you need help finding the right DBA lawyer for your case or if you just have questions on the DBA law system in general, get the FREE book, Win Your Defense Base Act, to start you off on the right track.


And if you have any questions or concerns along the way you can give us a ring at



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