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Best Illinois DBA Lawyer Cuts the B.S.


Best Illinois DBA Lawyer Cuts the B.S.

“When I seek out professional advice, I want honesty, I want frankness, I want advice straight-up, with no B.S. So should you.”

Defense Base Act Lawyer and author of the 5 Star book Win Your Defense Base Act Case  Bill Turley

I know what I’m doing, I’ve got this…

These are famous last words. These are usually last words attributed to a person before their death.... 

Here, we’re not talking about your literal death. More likely we’re talking about the death of your DBA case. Not good. On any level. 

A lot of folks try and represent themselves with their DBA case. And, unfortunately, they tank their case. They end up falling for one of the DBA insurance company’s tricks and traps. And they jack up their case. 

I’ve seen it time and again over the years. That’s why I wrote the book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  

I strongly suggest that you read this book BEFORE you try and represent yourself, talk to the DBA insurance adjuster, sign any forms or give a statement or do anything else that will jack up your DBA case. 

You might also want to check out these reviews of the book on amazon.com.



I hate losing

I hate losing. Let’s just get that straight. I hate losing more than I have ever hated anything. So, when I go up against the DBA insurance companies alongside my clients I follow one rule to guarantee I win every time.

It’s how my firm became the one of the top two leading DBA law firms in the world.

My one rule is: always tell the truth. About everything all the time.

Whether you win or lose your Defense Base Act case is purely based on whether the Judge believes that you are indeed entitled to DBA benefits. If you’re with the Turley Law Firm PC you are going to win. And you are going to win with the truth.


Easier said than done

Most of are honest nearly all the time. It’s easy. It’s part of life. That is until the DBA insurance company brings up a past injury that you forgot to mention or they have evidence that process that you may not be as hurt as you are claiming. This is where it gets challenging.

But that’s why in order to win with the truth you are going to need two things: 1. Resources to tell you what to expect and what to do to win 2. The best damn DBA lawyer you can find.



The Turley Law Firm PC offers multiple resources that will arm you with weapons you need to take down the DBA insurance company and their lawyers:

  1. The Turley Law Firm PC Website - Here you will find multiple articles, videos, blog posts, news updates that will educate and inform you on the rules of the DBA law. This information will also teach you how to act, what to say and what to avoid when you are prepping for your case.


  1. Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap to the Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family DeserveThis is the book of your dreams. It will give you the necessary facts of filing a DBA claim and winning a DBA case bullet by bullet. 

Win Your Defense Base Act Case - Bill Turley

5 Stars on Amazon.com

Check out all of its 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.


The Best Damn DBA Lawyer

The first obstacle that hard-working folks like you trip up on when hiring a lawyer is hiring the first lawyer they find or hiring a local lawyer. Now you might be referred by the DBA insurance company or a friend to an Illinois-based lawyer who is “guaranteed” to get you ALL the benefits you are entitled to “quickly”.

Know this: There may very well be skillful DBA attorneys based out of Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, Rockford or Springfield. We just haven’t heard of them.

Know this too: You can hire anyone to be your representation. Anyone from anywhere. That means yes, you can hire Mickey, the local grocery clerk, to be your attorney and honestly, he’ll probably do as good of a job as your local attorney who is learning the DBA on the job and cost a lot less.

No, you need the best. It doesn’t matter where they’re from. Hire the best. Because at the end of the day your and your family’s livelihoods, security and futures are all based on whether you win or lose this case.

Find out here what else to look for when hiring your DBA lawyer.

Hire us or not, you need to act NOW

Start researching what you need for your case now and get a DBA specialized lawyer as soon as possible. The better prepared you are for what’s coming the better your chances of winning your case. Start gathering the evidence to support your claim. Go to your chosen doctor repeatedly, ask questions of your doctor and your lawyer, talk to your employer, get written confirmation of your injury and the date it happened, keep going.

Miss one step and your whole case could be destroyed. Don’t let the DBA insurance companies make a pretty penny off of your misfortune. Don’t let them take what is rightfully yours. Don’t let them win. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your benefits because you waited until it was too late.


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This article isn't legal advice


These discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. These testimonials, endorsements, photos and/or discussions do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, or your particular case/ situation. Every case is different. There are any number of reasons why DBA cases are not won and/or are not as successful folks might have hoped for.


Just because we have gotten great results in so many other Defense Base Act cases, doesn't guarantee a particular result in other cases. Including, your DBA case. Every case is different.


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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”