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Injured Arecibo Observatory Workers Get DBA Benefits with The Truth


Arecibo Observatory and the DBA - Defense Base Act Attorney
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What type of person are you? There are no directions for a DBA case (except my 5 Star book) 

There are two types of people in the world. First, is the type of person that will read the directions before they use a new product, electronic device or gismo. 

Second, is the type of person that will figure it out for themselves and if and only if they can’t figure it out, they will maybe look for the directions. Maybe. Sound familiar? 

Taking either one of these approaches can be disastrous for your Defense Base Act case.  First, other than my 5 Star book (which you can buy here on amazon.com or you can get a free copy here) - there really aren’t any directions for your DBA case. 

Which the DBA insurance company loves because they are trying to find ways to deny your claim. They’re hoping you make one of the mistakes that well-meaning folks with legitimate claims make all the time, so they can deny your claim and not pay you your DBA benefits. 

Second, this is why you probably need the best, honest DBA lawyer that will agree to take your case. I suggest you check out this article on the Top 10 DBA Questions (See Questions 2, 3, 4, and 6....they’re about why DBA lawyers and the like...). 


The Arecibo Observatory or "AO"

Found in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, the Arecibo Observatory or "AO" is a fully functioning radar telescope that has been used extensively by the United States for scientific purposes since the 1960s.

“The AO operates on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day every day, providing observing time, electronics, computer, travel and logistic supper to scientists from all over the world.” This means that the AO needs to be continuously staffed and those staff members are likely covered by the DBA.

The AO has a working staff of about “120 persons who work in different areas such as cooks, administrators, scientists, engineers, maintenance workers, technicians and telescope operators, among others.”

If you've been injured while working at the AO, you are probably covered under the Defense Base Act.

DBA Coverage

Being covered by the DBA means that if anything happens to these AO employees and they get seriously injured they are entitled to benefits. These benefits can come in 2 different forms, medical and financial. These benefits can also be the means for survival for some of these injured employees after they return home from overseas.

Unfortunately, getting access to these benefits after being injured can be a lengthy and frustrating process. It will likely include numerous steps like hiring a DBA lawyer, talking to a DBA insurance adjuster, discussing your injury with your doctor and gathering evidence.

Understanding the DBA

The Defense Base Act is not easy to completely understand, and the insurance companies would prefer to keep it that way. That is why I post articles about the DBA on this website. I want folks and their families to get a fair shake when it comes to a DBA case.

I have been practicing DBA law for a long time and have put together a case study on the ins and outs of a DBA case that you can find here.

What I have found with these cases is that very often you can learn what not to do from the mistakes of others. I address that in an article here about the top 5 mistakes that I have seen over the years.

The Truth

The truth wins Defense Base Act (DBA) cases. That’s the secret. It’s really that simple. You need to be able to be completely honest about you DBA claim in front of the judge. If you are able to be honest with every detail, every piece of evidence and with everyone then yes you will your DBA case. This is because DBA cases are won based on credibility. This means that your credibility needs to be perfect, which is going to require complete honesty.

Find out more here about how to win your DBA case with honesty and integrity.

You are going to need to figure out how to do all of this. But you’re not on your own. There are great resources out there for folks in similar situations.


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- Randy S

5 Stars on Amazon.com

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Outstanding resource for injured workers in DBA cases.

Folks, if you have a Defense Base Act case, you need to get a copy of this book ASAP! It doesn't matter if you are just starting your case, or are in the middle of it, get this book now. There are many topics covered in detail that I did not know about, that my (previous) attorney did not seem to know about, and that are very difficult to understand via Google searches. Read this book from cover to cover and you will be empowered with a great amount of knowledge. During your case, this could be one of the most important purchases you make.

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