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DBA Lawyer Wants Injured Akal Global Security Workers to Get their DBA Benefits

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

– Isaac Newton


“Akal Security’s mission is to protect our Clients.” But what about their employees?

Working for Akal Security is a dangerous job, you knew that when you signed up. You just didn’t think that it would be you that got injured, right? You are one of Akal Security’s “top talent”, “the industry’s best and brightest”, that has “broad spectrum skill sets and expertise areas”. You were supposed to be the one protecting others from getting hurt, not getting hurt yourself.

So, what do you do when you do get hurt while on the job? What do you do when you get sent home and can’t get another job that makes you the kind of money you’re used to making while working for Akal Security?

This is where the Defense Base Act comes in. You are likely covered by the DBA if you are injured while working abroad. This entitles you to the financial and medical benefits you and your family will need to remain comfortable and get the help you need for a faster recovery.


How do You Get These Benefits?

It sounds easy right. You get hurt, you go home, you file your claim and the DBA insurance companies get you what you need. Wrong.

More often than not, DBA claimants will have to hire a DBA specialized attorney to represent their claim in court. This is because the DBA insurance companies can make a lot of money on delegitimizing DBA claims. So, they do. All the time.


A Battle You Didn’t Want

This means that you are going to have go into a legal battle you never wanted to be a part of. It means you are not only going to have find a well-seasoned DBA attorney but also prepare yourself by knowing the ins and outs of the DBA law system. This will allow you to remain in the know and be ready for whatever the DBA insurance company and their lawyers throw your way.

Start studying with “Win Your Defense Base Act”, the “go-to” guide for every injured civilian contractor out there. You can get it here for FREE.

There is also the DBAradio, the podcast for everyone who is trying to understand and learn more about the Defense Base Act case.


Now You Have to Win

The thing with DBA cases, and it’s something I know like the back of my hand, that winning or losing your case determines you and your family’s economic security. That means there is a lot at stake and it means you have to win.

So, here’s how you win. I’ll keep it easy. Tell the truth about everything, all the time to everyone. This is how you’re going to win your DBA case because the outcome of DBA cases is based on your credibility. It’s true.

If you even get the slightest detail wrong or contradict yourself or exaggerate some part of your story you are going to lose your case. So be ready to tell the truth and have the right evidence to back you up.

Plain and simple, the truth wins. It’s how my clients win their DBA cases and it’s how you will win your Akal Security case too.

William Turley
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