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Can I get pain and suffering in a Defense Base Act claim?

Depending on Circumstances, Yes or No, sort of...

The Defense Base Act (DBA) offers many protections for civilian contractors working overseas. One of these is that workers do not have to prove fault or negligence of their employers in order to get injury compensation. They just have to prove that their injuries were caused or worsened due to being overseas. 

However, this guarantee of coverage comes at a price. By agreeing to pay the medical costs of a worker’s injury, employers cannot be sued for additional costs of an accident, such as lost wages and pain and suffering.

However, it's not this cut and dry. On any level. Let me explain. 

Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley on Money for Pain and Suffering
Defense Base act Lawyer Straight talk. Always. - Bill Turley


Thinking about trying this at home?

There are many things you can do which are dangerous for the average person but are relatively safe for someone with the proper training, experience, and equipment.... Before you decide to represent yourself in your DBA case you should ask yourself if you have the proper training and experience. Heck, 95% of the lawyers that have “Defense Base Act websites” don’t have this... I’m not kidding about that.               

Before you either decide to represent yourself or hire the wrong Defense Base Act lawyer, I suggest that you check out this article on the Top 10 Defense Base Act questions. (Question No. 2, on the list, and be sure to check Out Questions No. 3, 4 and 6, which are also about hiring a DBA lawyer).  

The Defense Base Act - Scheduled and Unscheduled Injuries

Generally, there are two different types of injuries under the Defense Base Act: scheduled disabilities and unscheduled disabilities. In order to determine whether you are entitled to permanent disability compensation under the DBA, you first need to determine whether you have a scheduled injury or an unscheduled injury. Simply put, any injury to a body part not listed on the schedule is an unscheduled injury. (Scheduled vs. Unscheduled Injuries).

Can I get monies for pain and suffering with a scheduled injury under the DBA? 

If you have an injury that is listed as a scheduled injury, then you are only able to receive disability moneys pursuant to the "schedule."  Not to suggest that it is cut and dried and simple, because it's not. But the concept is fairly easy to understand.  You will need to calculate your disability under the schedule. With scheduled injuries, there is not money for "pain and suffering" under the Defense Base Act. 

Can I get monies for pain and suffering with a non-scheduled injury under the DBA? 

With non-scheduled injuries, however, it is a wage loss concept. The links I have provided here explain these concepts. 

Since it's a wage loss concept, with a non-scheduled injury, you receive disability monies based upon not being able to return to your usual and customary employment. If the pain and suffering you have prevents you from returning to your usual and customary employment, then you can recover disability monies due to your wage loss. 

Stated differently, you don't get more money under the Defense Base Act for pain and suffering. However, if you have a non-scheduled injury and the pain from your injury prevents you from doing your overseas civilian contractor job, then you can recover weekly disability monies. 

And, you may be able to settle your DBA case for a lump-sum settlement

Not what  you wanted to hear?

I get that. My job is to tell you how it really is, not tell you what you may want to hear. 

If you are relying on pain and suffering to win your DBA case, you are probably in for some rough sledding. 

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