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How do I know if my job is covered by California’s Wage Order Number 9?

California's Wage Order Number 9 Covers Transportation Industry Employees

Wage Order Number 9 applies to workers in California’s transportation industry. The term “transportation industry” is used to refer to any business or establishment that carries persons or property from one place to another by road, rail, air or water. It includes all operations and services connected with the transport of persons and property, including storage and warehousing and the parking, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and rental of vehicles.

Industries Covered by California’s Wage Order Number 9

Air Transportation

  • Airlines
  • Air delivery services
  • Airplane maintenance companies
  • Baggage handling companies

Ground Transportation

  • Ambulance services
  • Armored car services
  • Bus lines
  • Car rental agencies
  • Car washes (non-retail)
  • Courier services
  • Garages that are not operated by a car dealer or gas station
  • Garbage collection services
  • Limousine services
  • Logging trucks (commercial)
  • Moving and storage companies
  • Package and parcel delivery companies
  • Parking garages and parking lots
  • Storage garages
  • Taxi services
  • Tire aligning and balancing companies
  • Tour buses
  • Tow trucks
  • Transportation companies
  • Truck rentals
  • Trucking companies
  • Trucking companies (agricultural)
  • Vehicle repair
  • Vehicle maintenance businesses
  • Warehouse and storage facilities

Water Transportation

  • Boats
  • Boat rentals
  • Cruise ships
  • Ferries
  • Ship rentals
  • Ship repair
  • Stevedores
  • Water taxis

Rail Transportation

  • Railways

Truck drivers, delivery drivers, and commercial drivers are covered by California’s Wage Order Number 9, yet these workers rarely get the rest breaks and meal periods guaranteed by state law. This is because employees don’t always understand their rights.

If you think you have a California wage and hour case, make sure that you choose an experienced attorney. Attorneys who don’t specialize in truck, delivery and commercial driver law may undervalue your claim because they don’t understand California’s wage and hour law and how it applies to drivers.



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