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The Turley Law Firm P.C.

Helping people

At the end of the day, we just want to help people.  We have had literally hundreds and hundreds of cases over the years where we have helped people.  We provide a few of our results here.  

Remember that each case is different. This is not a representation of the potential value of your case or situation. 

Every case has different strengths, weaknesses, challenges and/or aspects which may not be applicable to your case. Further, every venue and/or court is different. 

A case can have far different value depending on the place the lawsuit is filed and/or the court involved.

You are going to be up against a company with significant resources. In order to fully evaluate any case, you should know or be able to reasonably anticipate the potential defenses to your case. In other words, there are two sides to every story.  There are any number of reasons why cases are lost and/or are diminished in potential value. 

The Turley Law Firm, PC makes no guarantees and/or warranties as to what results may be expected in your particular case. 

We provide these results in order to help you understand these type of cases better and some of the legal principles involved. However, we caution you when reading these case results not to think that your potential case will have similar value.