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Private contractors injured in Syria and your Defense Base Act case

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Syria Injured Civilian Contractors Defense Base Act

U.S. DoD Contractors in Syria

Syria Civilian Contractors - Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Strength vs. Weakness

You have to be ready and able to take your case to court. It's all about being prepared. 

You must negotiate from a position of strength.  That doesn't happen unless you are prepared to win in court. 

Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Overseas civilian contractors that work under Dod contracts in Syria - and/or contractors that are supporting  U.S. government operations in Syria -  that are injured (or killed) must bring a Defense Base Act (DBA) case in order to receive benefits. Namely, these are weekly money compensation benefits and medical benefits.
In order to receive these DBA benefits you will have to deal with the DBA insurance company.
In this website, I provide answers to many of your most common questions about the DBA.  I give you practical information that you can use to help you win your Syria DoD civilian contractor DBA case.
You'll see that this is a very different website about the Defense Base Act. Believe it or not, I have a frank, honest, tell it like it is style.

How many DoD Civilian Contractors are in Syria?

According to the January 2019 CENTCOM report, there are 6,220 total DoD contractors in Syria and Iraq.  One has to wonder why DoD would group the Syria and the Iraq statistics together? 
In another place in the DoD report, it states there are “9,754 contractors supporting U.S. Government operations." 

How many Dod U.S. Civilian Contractors are in Syria?

According to the January 2019 CENTCOM report, there are 2,850 total U.S. Citizens in Syria and Iraq.
Again, why would DoD feel the need to group these two countries together?

Are these numbers correct?

According to reports, there are over 2,200 U.S. troops in Syria.  Some sources report that there are three to four times as many DoD civilian contractors as there are U.S. troops.  That means that perhaps there are more civilian contractors in Syria than the CENTCOM report suggests.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor Defense Base Act Summary by Nation, there were 25 injuries in Syria in the fiscal year 2018.  I have criticized these numbers in the past as being artificially low, for many reasons.

For example, most PTSD injuries are not reported until civilian contractor return home and they are rarely counted as “injuries” in these Summaries.

Syria and the U.S. military: the current state of affairs

The U.S. Government has described five desired results for Syria. These included the “enduring defeat” of ISIS, a resolution to the Syrian civil war under the auspices of the Geneva process, the removal of Iranian and Iranian-backed forces from Syria, the removal of weapons of mass destruction in Syria, and rebuilding so that displaced Syrians can return home.
On December 19, 2018 President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. military would withdraw the approximately 2,200 U.S. troops stationed in Syria.1 The Secretary of Defense subsequently ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Syria, and according to the Department of Defense (DoD), the withdrawal process was ongoing.
After that, there are reports that 200 troops will remain in Syria. Recently, the figure of 1,000 troops remaining in Syria has been floated by some sources.
Other reports suggest that ISIS has not been "defeated" in Syria. Here is a recent quote:
"ISIS is likely to revert to the more traditional tactics of an insurgency like IEDs, suicide bombers, car bombs, assassinations and the like to disrupt stability and prevent others from consolidating control. They may be down, but we would be foolish to count them out."
If you have followed U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, you may have seen one way to skirt the political issue of numbers of U.S. troops abroad is to use DoD overseas civilian contractors and/or U.S. Government contractors. It would seem that this trend is being continued in Syria.

What you really need to know about your DBA case

If you are an overseas civilian contractor that is seriously injured while in Syria you have a Defense Base Act case.  I say “case” because that it what it is, a court case. Instead of a jury, a judge (called an Administrative Law Judge) will decide whether you receive benefits and how much in benefits you receive.
The DBA insurance company is just that, an insurance company. Meaning, that they make money by denying DBA claims like your Syria DBA claim. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have a legitimate claim, with a serious injury that you will automatically receive Defense Base Act benefits. At every step of your case, the insurance company is looking for reasons to deny your case.
Know this: the DBA insurance company is going to attack your credibility. You can depend on that. Everything you do, from here on out, has to be with your keeping your credibility in mind.

You must tell the truth

The most factor that will determine whether you win your case is whether the judge believes you or not. Nothing is more important than your credibility. Nothing else is even close. 
You must tell the truth about everything. Don't fudge, don't exaggerate. If the Judge doesn't believe you - you will lose. 

Insurance company tricks and traps

The insurance companies have tricks and traps that they will use to attack your credibility. You don’t have to be trying to lie or deceive anyone in order to wreck your case. The reason why they do all of this is simple. First, because these tricks and traps work, again and again. Second, because they make a lot of money by denying legitimate claims, just like your claim.
One of the main purposes of my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case is to help you avoid these mistakes.

Win Your Defense Base Act Case

WIn Your Defense Base Act Case - for Civilian Contractors injured in Syria
My book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case lays out how to avoid the DBA insurance company's tricks and traps. You can get a free copy of my book here or you can buy it from amazon.com. We will immediately send you your book by UPS. I suggest you read my book BEFORE you sign any forms, talk to the DBA insurance company adjuster, give any written or recorded statements or even hire the wrong DBA Lawyer. 
You will see why so many folks rave about this book. This book really is the best thing that will help you get the result your are looking for with your DBA case. 

What you need to win your Afghanistan - PTSD Defense Base act Case

In order for you to win your Defense Base Act PTSD case, you should know the elements of building your case. I use the word “case,” because that is what you have - a “court case.”  Be sure to check out this article on your Defense Base Act PTSD case. It is a “must read” article.

Need help right now?

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In the meantime, I suggest you check out this two articles - The Top 10 Defense Base Act Questions  and 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your DBA case.
This article is not legal advice
Just because we have gotten great results in hundreds of DBA cases, doesn't guarantee any result in your case or any other Defense Base Act case. Every case is different. 
My best advice is for you to get a copy of my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  My book will help you figure out how to hire the best Defense Base Act lawyer for you.  
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