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Dr. Meisner or Dr. Pinocchio?

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A Real Piece of Work

This Dr. Meisner is a real piece of work. 

Okay. I will be the first to admit that this isn’t exactly new or earth-shattering. There is an insurance company doctor that is washing out folks with legitimate claims. No surprise here. Happens on the daily. 

But this guy is something a little different.  What I am talking about here is a doctor that, based on what we are seeing, is taking this practice of delegitimizing folks DBA claims to a whole new level.

This Dr. Meisner reports that everyone he examines is either fine, faking, malingering, exaggerating, etc. And he does it with gusto. His reports not only delegetimize claims but attacks the people making the claims. His reports show no other conclusion than you are lying,  or not as injured as you say you are. If the report does concur that you are, indeed, injured, then the injury has nothing to do with your overseas employment or you are perfectly fine to return to work. 

The witch hunt begins before you even see the doctor.  Dr. Meisner will claim that he observed you interacting quite normally with his staff/ receptionist.  And based upon you being pleasant to his staff, he will say that you obviously don’t suffer from PTSD.  

He will try and get into the specifics of your monthly budget and ask how much your bills are and how you survive.

It seems no matter what you tell him when he “examines” you - he is going to twist it and try and use it against you.  

If you cry (often times he will try and make you cry) he will say that you are overly dramatic and obviously putting on a show and are faking.  If you don’t cry then he will say that you obviously don’t have any emotional issues/ PTSD.

If you openly talk about your PTSD symptoms he will say that you have read about them and you are obviously faking the symptoms.  If you are more guarded about your PTSD symptoms he will say that you obviously don’t have any PTSD symptoms or you would have talked about them more.

In other words, no matter what you say - he will twist it and try and use it against you.


Hold On A Sec

Now, look this guy might be the greatest doctor since...I don't know sliced bread. He might be the nicest guy you've ever met. I don't know. But look, I am not talking about Dr. Meisner's abilities as a doctor. I am not talking about how he behaves at a dinner party. 

I am talking about Dr. Meisner as the “expert witness.” And this guy is, again, a real piece of work when it comes to delegitimizing or legitimizing DBA claims.  


"Litigation Privilege"

Dr. Meisner hides behind what is called the "litigation privilege".  But that privilege goes two-ways.  The litigation privilege basically says that he can’t be sued for calling you a fake and liar in a court case.  However, in the same court case your lawyer can call that same doctor out a being a fake and a liar.  


I Need Your Help

Really.  I need your help.  Here is the deal.  On more and more cases we are seeing this Pinocchio doctor that is writing wash out medical reports that are being used to defend Defense Base Act post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases.

Have you seen Stuart Meisner PhD.?  Have you been examined by him?  I would like to hear your take on Dr. Meisner.     The more folks that we can touch base with the more legal ammunition we will have to beat him in court.


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