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The Real Reason Why Hertz Limited Edition Calls You A “Manager Trainee”

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HLE Hertz Local Edition

Hertz Local Edition California Class Action Lawsuit 

Hertz is probably the most famous rental company in the United States, or for that matter, in the whole world. It is generally agreed Hertz is the largest car rental company. Hertz is number one.  

There is a Hertz Local Edition California Class Action filed. One of the causes of action is wage theft. If you have worked for Hertz Local Edition in California, you may be a part of the Hertz Local Edition (HLE) California Class Action. And if you have worked for HLE - you probably already know about what this Hertz Class Action Lawsuit is about.

According to documents filed with the court - here is what Hertz Local Edition California Class Action is all about and/or the allegations in the lawsuit:


What Hertz Says About Your Job Title

From Redding to San Diego, Hertz calls their customer service representatives, “manager trainees.” But in reality these folks are renting cars to customers and nothing more.  They work the counter and fill out the forms in order for customers to qualify and pay for the car rental. Once the customer fills out the requisite forms, the customer service representative matches the customer to their respective car.  

For all of the car rental companies, including Hertz, these customer service representatives that work at the counter leasing cars are non-exempt employees.

They are front line employees that are the “production” workers for Hertz and other car rental companies. They are paid by the hour.

How many “manager trainees”/customer service representatives actually become managers?

The evidence in this case suggests that in many respects Hertz has a uniform carrot and a stick system in place from Redding to San Diego for these front-line production workers.

Hertz tries to get you to believe that you will become a manager one day, so you won’t complain about the understaffing and working off the clock

While Hertz calls customer service representatives “manager trainees” you are not really training to become a manager at all. Instead, this process is a uniform ploy to, in effect, steal wages. Or stated differently, Hertz has a uniform practice of promising their production workers that they can become managers in order to keep down labor costs.

By designating you with the “manager trainee” job title, Hertz discourages you from complaining about Hertz’s wage and hour violations. This false job title gives you the hope that you will one day become a manager. You don’t want to risk your future as a potential manager by complaining about Hertz’s wage and hour policies and practices.


It All Comes Down To Money

What you are going to see is that the car rental business is fiercely competitive. Business travelers and customers use the Internet to shop the best prices and get the best deals.

Because these Internet sites make pricing so competitive, car rental companies including Hertz try to make their margins and profits by slicing their labor budgets as much as possible. Hertz is a publicly traded company.  Hertz upper management is under extreme pressure to make a profit. It is all about quarterly earnings.

All of these competitive factors motivate Hertz to call their customer service representatives “manager trainees.” That is, to cut corners as much as possible on labor budgets in order to improve their bottom lines.

While it may not seem like much to not have to pay for a few extra employees to provide breaks to the manager trainees to take meal breaks and rest breaks at any one location - Hertz has hundreds of locations in California alone.

Hertz has a systematic method of understaffing their rental stores with customer service representatives. The understaffing results in “manager trainees” being encouraged to work while they are off the clock or not take meal periods and/or rest periods at all.     




An Incentive To Forego Meal Periods and Rest Periods

The California Supreme Court case that provides you the right to meal periods and rest breaks was a 2013 case called Brinker vs. Superior Court.  I know this case very well as I represented the workers in the Brinker case.

The law made in the Brinker case says that the company can’t give you an incentive to forego meal periods and rest breaks. Which ties directly into Hertz’s scheme to get free labor by calling you a manager trainee instead of what you really are - a customer service representative.

In effect, the manager trainee system is a way for Hertz to provide you with an incentive to forego meal periods and rest periods. By dangling the promise of you becoming a manager, Hertz provides you an incentive to forego meal periods and rest periods. After all, this is what managers are expected to do.      


Status Of The Case

The case is at the pre-class certification stage. The court has still not ruled on the merits of the case. You won’t be surprised to hear that Hertz denies each and every allegation as asserted.  


How Can You Help?

We would like to hear your take. We are trying to talk to as many Hertz Local Edition workers as possible - both current employees and ex-employees.

The more folks we talk to the better chance we have of winning this case.

However, there are no guarantees in life or law. Other than death and taxes. No one can guarantee any legal case will be won.  There are any number of reasons why the case won’t be certified and/or won’t be successful. We have also filed a PAGA case.  

William Turley
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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
I worked for hertz for over a decade and yes the promise to hire when utterly understaffed but nothing happens! also they have you sign your timmecards before there allowed to be turned in. above the signature its has a statement that you accept and agree that you have taken all rest periods and breaks as required! but if you dont sign it they dont let you turn it in, also if it waas turned in w/out a sig on it they make you sign it when they catch it. also a threat with a wright up to go along with working extream overtime,being short staffed, no breaks when needed, eating lunches at 3pm in the afternoon,its not just the manager trainees,just ask a few assistant managers also same thing. (you will become a manager one day...ya right)
Posted by Current central cali worker on October 9, 2017 at 09:13 PM
I was the top salesmen for the company for 9 months I was employed with them. One customer complained that she could not get finance. The company blame me for it by assisting her with the credit app. So they fired me with no warning. I am looking into getting a attorney over wrongful termination charges along with discrimination
Posted by Vw on August 4, 2017 at 12:47 AM
Does any body know the status of this law suit?????
Posted by kamaria pinkney on April 12, 2017 at 01:36 PM
Currently working at hertz and went trough all of this horrible conditions even discrimination. Work 57 hourso a week. When I put pressure on upper management now they hire new body and basically put me in a corner for speaking out. Horrible company to work for on my way out.
Posted by Aj on April 3, 2017 at 11:26 PM
Hertz at Rochester, NY does not give meal break period according to NYS law. It is more of a bit here and there. GOOD CHANCE IT IS PRACTICED Nationwide. Tks, J
Posted by Jill Miller on February 9, 2017 at 03:36 AM
What was the result of the pending class action lawsuit?
Posted by Unkown on January 3, 2017 at 09:07 PM
I worked hertz for hertz for twenty four years in different capacities,the latest on direct payroll for nine years without a review or raise @ twelve an hour in SF bay area all the while being told That I could be a manager trainee but there was never enough time or resources to cover my position as sales and service associate / car washer, car wash maintenance, carwash customer care and also lot maintenance do to my pride in ownership values, I saved them so much money over the years with little recognition, and not just behind the scenes
Posted by Ronald E. Lowe on September 2, 2016 at 09:45 AM
As the above message, I am classed sales and service associate, but function as a utility. Although meal breaks are solid, rest breaks are rarely seen in the 2 years here. Please keep me posted on class action cert. Sorry to use an alias, concern ed about blow back.
Posted by Nor cal worker on July 17, 2016 at 12:31 PM
Does this apply to hertz equipment rental as well?
Posted by Mike on June 7, 2016 at 05:13 PM
I am a current local hertz employee, I'm not a customer service representative but I pretty much play the role. I'm what they call a utility which means I'm suppose to clean the fleet vehicles and give rides to customers. But at this particular location there is very minimal staff and in a year and a half I've gone through 8 different employees 3 of which were Branch managers. The working conditions here are horrible for one it's in an old decrepit falling apart building with all kinds of infestations and rusty hooks and other hazardous working conditions. But to be more relevant to the topic at hand hertz makes there employees work thru breaks and meal periods with out compensation. I worked closely to six months without a real meal break. I was compensated for one month of that time and was told I would be compensated for the rest which has yet to happen. And I was only compensated after going HR which then got our Branch shut down for an hour each day for lunch breaks but up till then it was very difficult to get a lunch break or any break for that matter.
Posted by Ryan McFarland on June 6, 2016 at 04:11 PM

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