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California Truck Driver Laws on Overtime Wages, Waiting Time, Meal Periods, and Rest Breaks

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Why Many California Truckers Aren’t Given Fair and Full Pay

California Driver Overtime, Waiting Time, Meal Periods, and Rest Breaks

As a career truck driver, you’re tired and worn out after every trip. Your whole family lives on your paychecks, so they understand how long you need to be away from home to make your living. But the truth is that you may only be getting a fraction of the pay that you have earned on the job, all because your company is taking advantage of you (and hoping you never find out).

Getting your rightfully-earned wages back from the trucking company can be tough, but it is worth it. Some truckers have successfully recovered tens of thousands of dollars from the companies they worked for over the years. We have represented hundreds of California truck and delivery drivers just like you, and you can join the fight to get fair pay for your drive time.

Request a free copy of our informative book, California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft Guide. I wrote the book to help truckers and delivery drivers like yourself to help them research their cases.

So, if you want to find out how you may be entitled to A LOT of money for unpaid wages and/or penalties under California Labor CodeCalifornia Wage Orders and/or California's PAGA laws; I suggest that you keep reading. 

Happy clients with their settlement check from a California unpaid wages case.
It feels really good when you get your check for unpaid wages owed to you!


California Trucking Companies Often Underpay Commercial Driver Wages

It doesn’t matter if you’re paid by the hour, by the mile, by the stop, or by piece-rate: if you are a commercial delivery truck driver, your company is probably trying to rip you off. Carriers and truck owners have multiple ways they can hold back your hard earned money, including:

Overtime Pay:

There are both federal and state laws that dictate which truckers can earn overtime pay. For a more detailed article on overtime pay in California, click here.

Uncompensated Time:

The trucking company is required to pay you for all hours worked, not just the hours you spend behind the wheel. The time you spend on pre-trip and post-trip inspections, waiting, fueling, and all other non-driving time spent on the job should all show up on your paycheck. However, piece-rate or by-the-mile drivers are rarely given their full-time compensation.

Meal Periods and Rest Breaks:

Under California law, drivers are required to be relieved of all duties during meal and rest periods. These breaks should be provided to all drivers; they should allow the driver to leave the cab and cargo, and they should be paid by your employer. Despite this strict law, drivers often are forced to eat while driving, eat standing next to their rigs, or are not even provided any meal or rest breaks.


Having Your Wages Stolen?

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Bill Turley testifying before the California Senate regarding California wage laws.

California's leading wage lawyer

I'm not saying this to brag. I'm telling you this so you will know that I know what I'm talking about.  I represented the workers in the leading California Supreme Court case on California unpaid wages law - Brinker vs. Superior Court. I wrote the winning briefs in the recent California Supreme Court cases - Augustus vs. Superior Court (the leading case on rest breaks) and Williams vs. Superior Court (the case that gives you the right to getting the names of your co-employees in a PAGA case). 

I am regularly asked to testify before the California State Senate and the California State Assembly on unpaid wages law. I helped write the recent changes to California's unpaid wages PAGA laws. 

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