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Truck Drivers! Don't Get Ripped Off By Your Employer!

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California Drivers Paid By Miles Driven, Number of Stops and Weight Delivered Are Getting Ripped Off By The Trucking Company

If you are paid by the miles driven, number of stops and weight delivered, you are also most likely not getting all the pay you are entitled to under California wage and hour law. California truck drivers paid by the miles driven, number of stops and weight delivered or by similar systems are known as piece rate drivers in the industry. Yet what we have seen is that almost every pay system like this for drivers is illegal in multiple ways. And, importantly for you, the wages you are owed can really add up fast.

California law requires drivers to be paid at least at the minimum wage rate for each hour of work ($12 after Jan 1, 2020), which effectively prohibits California truck companies from averaging out the piece rate compensation over an entire work week.

In other words, even though the California truck company’s system may have met federal wage and hour requirements, California law requires that for each work hour (or part of an hour), a California truck driver must be paid either an agreed rate or the minimum wage rate, and prohibits an employer from applying any part of any employee’s piece-rate pay as a credit against its minimum wage obligation.

Where we see California truck companies screw over their drivers is not paying for pre-trips, post-trips, waiting time (i.e., sitting in the truck and not getting paid). In addition, you are entitled to paid rest periods (none of these pay systems pay for rest periods) and you are probably not getting your statutory meal period, because you aren’t relieved of all duty.

And, as I explain here - you may be entitled to A LOT of money in unpaid wages and/or penalties under California Labor CodeCalifornia Wage Orders and/or California's PAGA laws

California Truck Drivers Who are Paid On a Piece Rate are Entitled to Overtime

A "piece rate" is where the driver is paid a fixed amount of money for a given piece of work; this includes California drivers who are paid by the miles driven, number of stops and weight delivered or by similar systems. You are entitled to overtime, whenever more than 8 hours in the day or 40 hours in the week were worked. There are exceptions to this - for more information give us a call.

Clients smiling with their settlement checks.
What makes this all worthwhile - when employees receive their checks for unpaid wages!

The Joy Of Math (Getting Your Hard Earned Money Back)

Getting your money back from the trucking company that has ripped you off is what I refer to as the Joy of Math. In many instances, we are talking 10's of thousands of dollars. Seriously. This can mean big money, and those minutes and breaks add up.

To find out how much you may be owed, read through our free book, California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft: The Ultimate Straight Talk Guide to Getting Your Hard Earned Wages Back.

We Know Trucking

We are the largest truck driver wage and hour law firm in California. We know trucking.  

We can help you get the money you deserved on your paychecks.

Call us at 619-304-1000  - If you call after regular business hours, when you leave a message, be sure to repeat your name and telephone number twice, so we get it correctly. And be sure to indicate whether it's okay if we respond by text.

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Bill Turley on the cover of San Diego Attorney Journal magazine

Not all lawyers are alike

Lawyers have far different expertise and experience in handling different legal matters. We are only telling you all of this so you know that Bill Turley has the experience, resources and skill to handle unpaid wages class action cases and Private Attorney General Act cases.  

We are not telling you all this to brag, but to let you know that Bill has the skill and resources needed to prevail in class action lawsuits and/or PAGA lawsuits.

All lawyers are not alike. Putting aside all of the awards and accolades - Bill is also known for being blunt and honest. 


Bill Testifying at California State Senate regarding California wage laws

“I give it to you straight. No sugar added.  
No lawyer talk, no double talk. 
Just old fashioned, unsweetened truth.”
- Bill Turley

Bill Turley specializes in wage and hour class action cases. There are few, if any, lawyers in California that know more about these cases than Bill. Bill Turley has been instrumental in helping to make California’s strong worker protection laws. 

Just because Bill has had a long track record of success in settling these cases doesn’t mean they will win any other case. As Bill is quick to tell you, past success in similar cases doesn’t guarantee success in future cases. Every case is different. 

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