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Find Out Your DBA Benefits as a Bagram Airfield Civilian Contractor

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Bagram Airfield - Defense Base Act Claims

The largest United States base in Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base, is in Parwan Province. It is the country’s main logistics hub. American soldiers and overseas civilian contractors at Bagram are preparing an Afghan military police unit to eventually take responsibility for protecting the base, but that’s still a long ways off.


Bagram Airfield and the DBA


Bagram has come under frequent rocket fire at times. According to the New York Times:

“Primarily our main concern out here is (indirect fire), whether it be mortars or rockets,” said Marine Capt. Doug Capra, the team’s joint terminal attack coordinator. Some weeks there are no attacks, while during others, up to five. “That is the primary threat that is constant for the area.”

Based upon my conversations with folks actually working in Bagram - the New York Times has this spot on.

A civilian contractor was killed after an "indirect fire attack," according to the Department of Defense. There have also been deaths and injuries on Bagram Airfield due to suicide attacks. 

Because of the rocket fire, Marines are doing patrols outside the wire. Both civilian security contractors (for example Dyncorp) and linguists (for example MEP) are working at Bagram. Many are outside the wire also. In full kit.

And based upon my conversations with civilian contractors that have been working at Bagram lately, there are a lot of other civilian contractors working at Bagram and in Afghanistan.

All of these civilian contractors fall under the Defense Base Act. If you are injured, then you have a claim for workers’ compensation benefits under the DBA.

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Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

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PTSD and Bagram Field 

Sure, there are a lot more dangerous places to be in Afghanistan other than Bagram Field. I get that. But that being said, which do you think has more rocket attacks, Bagram Field or Davenport, Iowa?  Which do you think has more "insider attacks" - Bagram Field or California? 

What I am suggesting is that there are hazards of war at Bagram Field. And when there are hazards of war, then you can bring and prevail in your Defense Base Act claim. 

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