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How to Avoid the Five Worst Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Defense Base Act Case

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How to avoid the 5 worst mistakes that will destroy your Defense Base Act Case - Bill Turley

"Believe it or not I am known for my no B.S. approach to practicing law.

I give you no B.S. straightforward answers to your Defense Base Act questions in simple, easy to understand English, that everyone can understand. No legal mumbo-jumbo, lawyer talk. Ever."

Bill Turley - Defense Base Act Lawyer and author of Win Your Defense Base Act Case


Do you want to win your Defense Base Act case? 

Meaning, do you want to get as much money and the best medical treatment for your injuries?  I assume that you do, since your reading this.

The real question is are you going to do what it takes to put yourself in the best position to win your DBA case?  

The truth is that many folks tank their DBA case. It’s a numbers game to the DBA insurance company.  They are going to try to do everything possible in order to avoid paying you the money you deserve.  That’s their goal.

Your goal has to be for you to do everything possible in order for you to win your case. The number crunchers at the insurance company are depending on you either not doing that or not being successful at it. They make billions of dollars on them beating you.

Don’t think that just because you’re a good guy, you’re honest, that you have a legitimate case, or a legitimate injury or whatever to win your case. Every year there are hundreds, if not thousands of guys and gals, just like you that are going to have their case destroyed because they fell for these same case-ending tricks and traps.

Don’t think you’re any different

They will eat you for lunch. They’re frigging sharks. They don’t care one bit about you or your family. Thinking otherwise is going to probably cost you a lot of money.

But I’ve got a legitimate claim and I’m getting my DBA benefits - I don’t need a lawyer....

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. Only to get a frantic call later on, when someone’s DBA benefits have been cut.  It’s usually not a matter of if, but when your DBA benefits are going to be stopped. Especially if you’re seen as low hanging fruit because you don’t have a good DBA lawyer. 

If this is you.... I strongly suggest you do two things. First, you IMMEDIATELY get my 5 Star book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case. You can buy it here on amazon.com or you can get a free copy here

Second, I suggest you check out this article on the Top 10 DBA Questions (see Questions 2, 3, 4, and 6....). 

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Seriously. 

Groundhog Day

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? Where Bill Murray makes the same mistakes again and again.  That movie is a good analogy to the tricks and traps that the DBA insurance companies lay for honest, overseas civilian contractors with legitimate injuries. Folks, just like you I’m figuring.

Every year, year in and year out, folks make these case-ending mistakes.

You can be the guy that gets the money for his case that he deserves or you can be one of the guys that tanks their case in the neverending Groundhog Day. Only this isn’t a comedy. It’s real life and it’s your life.

I can tell you this. My book is the last thing that the insurance company wants you to read. I have been told this by insiders at the companies. You can avoid falling into the insurance company Groundhog Day. It really doesn’t take that much effort. But, it does take some effort.

No B.S., only truth

I realize that no one else is going to talk to you this way or tell you about this stuff.

First, there are very few lawyers that actually get all this stuff themselves. Second, the very few DBA attorneys that do, don’t want to tell you because they think that if they do tell you, that you won’t hire them. This is very short sighted on many levels, but you'll see this if you go check out all the “Defense Base Act Attorney” websites on the Internet.

The only one that you will find that will level with you and tell you this kind of stuff is this one.  I know. I’ve been doing this a long time.

A bunch of hot air

Truth is, most attorneys want to blow smoke up your skirt and try to baffle you with B.S. It’s all hot air and huffing and puffing.  Truth is, there’s a reason why most people don’t trust lawyers.

Truth is, most attorneys will treat you like a mushroom so you will think you have to hire them.  They will try and keep you in the dark and feed you a bunch of B.S.  It really is buyer beware out there. Especially with attorneys.

Don’t buy it for a minute. This is your case. You need to know the facts of life. Period.

So, I am always going to tell you the facts of life. When things suck, you need to hear that. When things are good, I’ll tell you that also. But lawsuits are usually like races. Just because you’re ahead at the beginning of the race doesn’t mean that you will win. And just because you’re behind at the beginning of the race, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose.

It’s the end of the race that really matters. But getting ahead and staying ahead is always better. And just as importantly, falling behind is rarely good.  Either way, you need to know where you stand. It’s just that simple.

So, I decided to tell you about the Five Deadly Sins That Will Wreck Your Defense Base Act Case.

Each one of these mistakes is going to be a separate blog post. So, be sure to check in and read each one when post I them. Don’t be thinking, hey I read the title of the respective blog post - I don’t need to read the actual post. Not recommended.

I am going to go into some detail and explain the nuances and the gray areas.    I am going to talk to you the way I always talk - in simple, easy to understand English. I’m not trying to baffle you and make you think how smart I am by using big fancy words. It isn’t my style.

The 5 Common Mistakes that will destroy your Defense Base Act Case

1.     Not telling the truth (this isn’t as easy as you might think)
If you’ve followed me at all, you know my mantra is “always tell the truth.” Always. Always, Always.  

This is the first rule of winning your DBA case. Whenever you think you might want to fudge or mislead, stop right there. Don’t do it.

But what you’re going to find is that there is a whole lot more to this. I explain how well meaning, honest folks get caught in the DBA insurance company traps and tricks and are made out to be liars. For more on this common mistake that folks make in - not telling the truth - click here.

Again, don't think "I'm telling the truth, I've got this. I can skip on to the next one." Not. Go back right now, click on the link and actually read the post.

As they say, "Just do it."


2.     Talking to the DBA insurance company adjuster

Ever try and pet a rattlesnake?  You and you’re case will be lucky not to die from the venom. The long and short of it is, you shouldn't talk to the DBA insurance adjuster. Or you just might get punked (and do stuff that will lose your DBA case).


3.     Signing forms and releases

They are only looking for reasons to deny your claim. Signing your life away is a big step to screwing up your case.
Why you shouldn’t sign a Defense Base Act insurance company Medical Release and/or DBA Medical Authorizations.


4.     Giving a recorded statement

You are going to screw something up. It is going to be used to deny your claim. Do not give a recorded or written statement. Find out more about why you should never give a written or recorded statement here


5.     Hiring the wrong lawyer

You need to hire the best, honest DBA lawyer that will take your case.  Don’t hire someone because there are close to you. Hire them for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. I cover how to find and hire the best lawyer for your DBA case in my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case. 

Bonus:   Common myths about the Defense Base Act

Folks think the craziest things about their case. If someone is giving you advice about your case, the first thing you need to ask, is: how are they in a position to know it?

Here I bust these myths down and explain why they just aren’t true.

What you can and should do right now

Right now go to amazon.com. You can put in this search term “Defense Base Act” in the amazon.com search box or click here.

5 Star Review of Win Your Defense Base Act Case on amazon.com

I suggest that you read all of the 5 Star Reviews for my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case that are on amazon.com.  There are dozens and dozens of them.

Pulling back the curtain

What you will see is in my book I pull back the curtain on secrets to winning your DBA case. I tell you insider secret after insider secret.

You can order it for free from us. 

Why do I do this? 

Why do I just give away all of this very, every helpful information?  Because I’m tired of good folks tanking their case. I’m tired of having to try and resurrect seriously screwed up cases. Frankly, whether you hire me or someone else (you absolutely need to hire the best, honest DBA lawyer that will take your case; you need to start right now). You need to not make all of these case-ending mistakes.

You can either order the book from amazon.com and make my wife happy or you can request a free copy from my office on this website.

Be sure to claim your free copy of the 5 Star Book Win Your Defense Base Act Case 

This is an eye-opening book that gives you an insider's view of the Defense Base Act and how to beat the DBA insurance company. This book will take you step by step on how to avoid the DBA insurance company tricks and traps that are designed to destroy your DBA claim. 

If you do one thing - you owe it to yourself to read the 5 Star reviews of the book on amazon.com!!

I suggest you read my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case before you talk to the insurance adjustergive a statementsign any forms or even hire the wrong lawyer.


Check out all of the 5 Star Reviews on amazon.com 

Stephanie L. Winter
5.0 out of 5 stars
Injured overseas? Very first step is to get this book. A must read in a very important time of your life.
February 8, 2017

There are answers to questions I didn't even think to ask. Any question you may have is answered in this book. If you are an injured contractor, my first piece of advice is to read this book. My second is to get a second copy for your spouse. They see the pain and they are equally as stressed and need answers too. I hope this review helps you through your life changing journey to get you what you deserve and on the road to recovery.


Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars
Your DBA Case could not be in better hands. Get this Book!
May 3, 2016

I learned about Bill’s firm through a friend and that is when I called Mr. Turley’s Law Firm to represent me because he is knowledgeable and a leading expert in the field of DBA law. I would like to take this time to thank him and his amazing team for helping me through this process and for doing what the other attorneys couldn’t even manage. 


Stephen C.
5.0 out of 5 stars
DBA case: It's a Chess game, not checkers.
August 22, 2016

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Turley for writing this book. During the 2 years it took to mediate a settlement I used this book exclusively to counsel myself, my family and friends. This book was my guiding light. Use it as your “cornerstone” to ensure your DBA case has a solid foundation. If I would of taken on the DBA Insurance company by myself then my case was likely to fall apart. Protect your rights, seek professional counsel. If you want the best representation, kindly request the Turley Law Firm to represent you.


My best advice to you

My best advice to you is that you read my book before you talk to the DBA insurance adjuster, sign any forms, give a recorded statement or even hire a lawyer to represent you for your DBA case.


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These discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. These testimonials, endorsements, photos and/or discussions do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, or your particular case/ situation. Every case is different. There are any number of reasons why DBA cases are not won and/or are not as successful folks might have hoped for.

Just because we have gotten great results in so many other Defense Base Act cases, doesn't guarantee in particular result in other cases. Including, your DBA case. Every case is different.

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