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San Diego Jones Act Attorney Bill Turley

“I always use plain English, with no sugarcoating, no lawyer talk, no double talk. Just old fashioned, unsweetened truth.” - San Diego Jones Act Lawyer Bill Turley

San Diego Jones Act Lawyer - San Diego Jones Act Attorney - Bill Turley

My Best Advice

When handling your Jones Act Case, you must always tell the truth. Nothing is more important then your credibility. If a judge assumes you are being dishonest, your case will be thrown out and you will be left with nothing. I have seen it happen to many people.                                                                                                                                      

My Second Best Advice

Take the proper steps now, and do your research. Order my free book, Win your Injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [even before you hire a lawyer].

This book is loaded with TONS of information on winning your Jones Act Case. 

Working At The Mercy of the Vessel

Because seaman work at the mercy of their employers - they are allowed to sue their employers if they are injured at work. A seaman can’t just quit and go home if there is something unsafe about the vessel. And - because of the hazards of the sea - seaman can sue their employers.

"I thought they were my friends."

You have been to hell and back together. Literally.  You may have even faced down death itself together.  There is a camaraderie when working alongside side fellow crew members.  You are together for long stretches at a time. You depend on each other for your survival. You develop a bond.

That bond can be left in tatters when you are a seriously injured Jones act seaman.  Your employer is either refusing to provide you medical treatment or begrudging you for costing them money by going to the doctor.  You find out exactly who are  your friends when you are seriously injured.  Even your fellow crew members are looking at you funny.  They may say they feel bad for you, but truth is, when it comes down to it, how many are going to put their job on the line for you?   When this happens to you, call us, we can help you get the medical treatment you need to get your life back. 

San Diego Jones Act Attorney Bill Turley

Awarded 2011 - 2017 Super Lawyer 
Highest Rated Jones Act Lawyer by Avvo.com
Invited Speaker 2011 Maritime Personal Injury Seminar – Jones Act
Elected President of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
New York Times Top Attorney
Awarded Best Lawyer San Diego

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