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Great Book

Here is the actual amazon.com review

Great Book

"My husband has been a truck driver for 19 years. He states that most companies have tried to steal money for higher profit. Most people are unaware or will disregard it until it happens to them. Author Bill Turley takes the initiative to stand up for what is right. Not only to write this book and inform the public but also to take steps to right what is wrong."

5 Star Amazon.com review dated: July 6, 2016

This is an actual review from amazon.com.  If you want to check out the review click here.

What you are going to find on amazon.com are that my books recieve dozens of 5 Star reviews. My new book California Truck & Delivery Wage Theft  already is receiving 5 star reviews. It is the book the trucking companies hate.  Know this: The last thing the trucking company wants you to do is to get a copy of the book.  The reason why is that they know that you will end up understanding wage theft and your rights as a driver in California.

I tell folks all the time not to believe what they read on the Internet. The Internet is filled with folks (and lawyers) that say this and that about themselves in order to pump themselves up.  Happens all the time.  That is why you should check out the reviews on the book California Truck & Delivery Wage Theft on amazon.com.


Get your free copy of the book

You can go to amazon.com and type in "California Wage Theft" and my book will come up first. You can buy it for $16.95. Or you can get it here for free. Heck, I even pay for the shipping cost. It's up to you.  But I strongly suggest that you get my book before you sign any forms.

Click here to get a free copy of my book.  Note, that you need to give us your address so we can mail you the book. Yes, it is an actual, real book.  (We will send you the first five chapters via email, but you need to provide us with your real address so we can mail you the book). As always, we protect your information. We don't give it to anyone (other than our mailing company and they don't give it to anyone).


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