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It’s Not What You Know, It’s Knowing What You Should Do About What You Don’t Know

What you don’t know about your DBA case

In the DBA case world it’s not what you know nearly as much as it is what you don’t know and your willingness to get help with that which you don’t know.

For many of you, you were trained to know what you are doing.  Your knowledge of what to do and what not to do kept you alive. That’s the way it is when you’re in-theater.  You may have  trained hundreds of hours in order to know exactly what to do and exactly what not to do.

You may even be reluctant to ask for help. It’s not an easy transition to go from the “doer of your thing” to admitting that you need help.


You’re not in Kansas anymore (and you’re certainly not in-theater)

Now that you have been injured, and you have a Defense Base Act case, you are in a whole different world. What you don’t know can and will hurt your case. Even end your case. Your case will be DOA. That is, Dead On Arrival if and when you do one of the many case ending mistakes that well meaning folks do all the time to their DBA case. Read on.


It's not on the Internet - you can stop searching

If learning about all of this was simply something that you could read on the Internet or learn in a Youtube video, you would be home-free with your DBA case.

But, it isn’t that easy.  You are in a whole new world now.


DBA insurance company tricks, traps and baits

You are in a world were the DBA insurance company is trying to trick you ,trap you and bait you into making a mistake so you tank your case. Don’t believe for one second that this doesn’t happen every day. Day in day out.

A well meaning and honest severely injured overseas civilian contractor falls for one of these time-tested traps and their DBA case is then worth pennies on the dollar. The low down dirty shame is that it doesn’t have to happen.


Tanking your DBA case is avoidable

Why do I say that avoiding these DBA insurance company tricks and traps are avoidable? Because I cover 95% of them in my Five Star Book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

It’s all right there for you in black and white. Laid out like a simple easy to follow road map to help you avoid the DBA insurance company mine field.

I wrote this book for my own clients. Because I got tired of seeing good folks needlessly tank their DBA case by making these easily avoidable mistakes. It sucks to tell good people that they jacked their case making one of these easily avoided mistakes.


They don’t give a damn about you

Bluntly, the insurance company doesn’t care about you, your future and/or your family. They are in it to make a profit off your claim. It’s a zero-sum game. The more they pay you for your legitimate DBA case - the less profit they make. It’s just that simple.


The DBA insurance company adjuster is not your friend

Make no mistake about it, the DBA insurance adjuster is not your friend. No matter how nice they are to you. They are trained to get you to let your guard down so they can find ways to deny your claim.

Everything you say or do will be used against you in a court of law to defeat your claim. Depend on it. I know I do. So should you. You and your family’s future depends on it. It ain’t paranoia if it’s true.


Don’t be rude, short, condescending or a jerk

Now don’t take this as your excuse or reason to be rude, short, condescending or a jerk to the insurance adjuster. I strongly advise against that. I explain all of this to you in my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case. I tell you how you should interact with the adjuster.


It really is buyer beware

Do you want a lawyer that is going to level with you from the beginning or one that is going to blow smoke up your skirt, just so you hire them. That’s the last thing you need.

I suggest that you hire an honest lawyer. One that is going to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly, right from the git-go. Especially the ugly. The ugly is what you need to hear the most. The ugly is the danger at your door.

Let’s face it - you want to do the right thing. Be responsible. This is not the time to take shortcuts. Take the time to read my 5 Star book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  Do your research.


Don’t believe me?

I don’t expect you to believe me.

Go to amazon.com and read all of the 5 Star reviews of the book. The read the book before you fill out any forms, talk to the DBA insurance company adjuster or even hire a lawyer. Do you due diligence.  

Then I ask, you pass it on, by leaving a review of the book on amazon.com so other folks in your position will know also.


Believe it or not - a No B.S. lawyer

Believe it or not I am known for my no B.S. approach to practicing law.

I give you no B.S. straight forward answers to your Defense Base Act questions in simple, easy to understand English, that everyone can understand. No legal mumbo-jumbo, lawyer talk. Ever.


Your next step

First thing you should do is get a copy of my 5 Star Book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case. It will help keep you from tanking your DBA case.  Check out all the 5 Star reviews on Amazon.com here.



William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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