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Got questions about stolen wages? Workers’ Compensation or on-the-job injury in California? DBA? Count on The Turley & Mara Law Firm for reliable, down-to-earth advice.

“No lawyer talk, no double talk. Just old fashioned, unsweetened, unvarnished truth.”  - Bill Turley

Defense Base Act (DBA)Defense Base Act (DBA)

Bill Turley, of the Turley and Mara Law Firm, wants you to win your DBA case by being prepared, having the right representation and by staying completely honest.

On this website we give you the tools and resources you need to succeeed in court and get all of your entitled medical and financial benefits under the Defense Base Act. 


Wage & HourWage & Hour

Get answers to your Wage and Hour case related questions before you sign any company forms, hire the wrong lawyer for your case, or take any other important steps with your case. This website provides information to California employees and their families with our article library, blog, FAQ and videos.
At the Turley and Mara Law Firm we believe knowledge is power. Which is why we give you the tools and resources you need to succeed in your wage and hour case.

Unwanted Text MessagesUnwanted Text Messages

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Agency (TCPA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, it is illegal for a company to send text messages unless the consumer gives consent to receive the message or the message was sent for emergency reasons.

If you are receiving unwanted or spam text messages without your consent than you may be able to recover up to $1,500 per text message. Learn more about your rights and how to prepare for your unwanted text message case here. 

Telephone Consumer Protection

Have you ever received an unsolicited text message from a business or an individual promoting a business? 

Have you ever received a call to your cell phone from an automatic dialing system or “robo-dial system”? 

If so it's time you start looking for the best Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Lawyer. You can find all the answers to your TCPA questions here and learn what to look for when hiring a TCPA lawyer to protect your rights. 

Jones Act SeamanJones Act Seaman

If you have been injured while working on a sea vessel and are covered by the Jones Act look no further than this website. This website provides the information you need to win your Jones Act case and get the medical and financial compensation you and your family deserve. Utilize our Jones Article Library, Blog and FAQ page. 

Our San Diego-based lawyers will do their best to help you get your benefits honestly and as quickly as possible. We're here to help you win with the truth.

Longshore (LHWCA)Longshore (LHWCA)

If you've been injured in a Longshore Act accident, you should do what countless of other injured LHWCA workers do each month and visit the Internet's best resource for researching Longshore Act and maritime injuries. Our website is packed with hundreds of pages of useful information and is updated daily.

Work InjuriesWork Injuries

After you've been injured at work, there are a lot of questions running through your mind. You need to know what your rights are and what steps you need to take to ensure a bright future for you and your family. Here at the Turley and Mara Law Firm, Our San Diego workers' compensation attorneys provide crucial information that allows you to make informed decisions regarding your California work injury case so you can receive all of your entitled benefits. 

With this page, our article library and our blog you can research your case and the work injury law system before talking to an insurance adjuster, before you fill out any forms and before you sign away any rights you do have. We offer valuable insight whether you hire us or not because we believe that no one should be taken advantage of by those big insurance companies or their employers. 


Boat & Ship AccidentsBoat & Ship Accidents

This page and our website are the go-to sources for your questions on boating accidents. Our San Diego-based maritime attorneys have packed this website with hundreds of pages of consistently updated and FREE information on maritime law and boat accidents. Find the answers to your maritime law questions now by utilizing our article library, blog and FAQ page. 

Product LiabilityProduct Liability

Learn about your California Products Liability case. Get answers to your California Products Liability law questions. We provide you with the tools to research your California Defective Product Case.  Use our website to learn what steps you need to take before your speak to the insurance adjuster, hire a lawyer or sign any forms.  Our San Diego Products Liability Attorneys will help you to understand your defective product case.

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