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Bill Turley Testifies Before California State Senate

Posted on Sep 26, 2015

Recently Bill Turley, a California wage and hour class action lawyer, was invited to testify before the California State Senate on wage and hour issues.  Bill was the only class action lawyer for workers that testified.  "It was a great honor to be asked to testify before the California Senate Labor Committee. It is important to help try and craft legislation that is fair to California workers," Bill says.  According to folks who were there and who saw Bill's testimony on television, Bill was effective in explaining these issues to the State Senators. 

Based upon the strength of his testimony, Bill was invited to return next year in order to help protect workers rights in California.  "I look forward to tesityfing next year also," Bill explained.  "These are important issues to not only workers, but also to the general public.  Having rested drivers who drive 26,000 lb. trucks affects your family and my family."

The bill here at issue is a piece rate compensation bill. Many drivers are paid by the mile or the trip and/or by the stop.  While these pay plans are not always illegal, it has been our practice that most of these piece rate pay plans are illegal because they don't pay workers for all time worked.

Further, they are illegal because they don't provided paid rest periods.

As one company offical recently testified in one of your cases, "We only pay drivers when the wheels are moving."  This means that drivers aren't paid for pre-trips, post-trips, waiting time, fuel time, weighing, etc. 

William Turley
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