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California Workers Compensation & NBA Players

"California law allows NBA players to file workers' compensation claims in California, even if they didn't play for a California team and even if they played many years ago.  Call us - we can help you receive the California workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to and deserve."  California NBA Workers' Compensation lawyer - Bill Turley 
California Workers Compensation & NBA Players

Professional basketball is a contact sport. Players are seriously injured due to the jumping, running, contact under the boards, etc every game and NBA Players put enormous pounding on their bodies while playing the sport they love. Knees, feet, shoulders, necks and backs all suffer severe cumulative trauma during a typical NBA career. The fact that you were not disabled when you started your career and the fact that you are severely limited now is powerful proof under California workers compensation law for NBA players.

California Law Helps You

California has "tie goes to the runner" type workers compensation laws. Meaning on many issues, workers are given powerful worker friendly laws. This means that professional athletes, including professional basketball players, can usually have their injuries be compensable under the California workers compensation system.

You hear all the time how "unfriendly" California is to business. We believe that is not the intent of the law. Another view is California law protects workers from business - including the National Basketball Association and NBA team owners.

What if I didn't play for a California based NBA team?

Under California workers compensation laws, you may be entitled to California workers compensation benefits. Even if you did not play for a California team. It is often enough for you to simply play games in California. For example, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, etc.

Of course, every situation and case are different and we are certainly not guaranteeing that your will prevail in your particular case. However, many- if not most - injured NBA players will qualify for California workers compensation benefits.

How Much Will It Cost Be To Open A Claim?

Generally, we charge you no money up-front to start a California Workers Compensation Claim. If you are not in California, we can usually start the claim by speaking to you on the telephone and using email. In other words, it will cost you nothing to find out if you have a compensable claim.

What benefits can I get?

You may be entitled to temporary total disability monies (up to $986.69 per week), permanent disability monies, medical treatment and even a life pension for some types of injuries.

What If my injury occurred years ago?

Generally, you can still file a claim even if you were injured years ago playing in the NBA.

Don't Wait To Seek Counsel

If you have an NBA injury, you should seek counsel as soon as possible to determine your benefits and protect you and your family's interests. The California workers' compensation attorneys at The Turley Law Firm provide experienced representation. If you have suffered a serious NBA injury, you can expect the workers compensation insurance company from taking steps to limit your recovery from the very beginning. It is important from the start to have an attorney that will protect you from the insurance company tricks and ploys. 

We Can Help Relieve Your Stress

You have just been seriously injured or have severe pain and disability from a long developing NBA injury. We can help you. We guide you through the confusing workers compensation system. This will allow you the peace of mind to start recovering. When you are stressed out about your NBA injury case you can't recover the way you need to. Only by letting go of the responsibility to oversee your medical care and legal case can you start to really recover from your injury. We can take away a lot of your stress by taking the load off your shoulders.

We can help you even if you don't live in California

We represent professional athletes and their family's across California and the United States.

Under California Workers Compensation Laws You Have a Right to See a Doctor of Your Own Choosing

You have to go to the doctor that the insurance company chooses for the first 30 days. If your team (usually the last team you workerd for) has an Medical Provider Network (MPN); after the first 30 days, you have the right to change to any doctor in the MPN. If your team does not have an MPN, you can select your own doctor. After the first 30 days. 

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