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“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson

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The First Step

When handling your work injury case, nothing matters more than the honest truth. Nothing. You must be straightforward and honest about your case. I have seen many instances where a client will sugarcoat their injury and the courts throw out the case. Why? All because they were not honest from the get-go.

The Next Step

If you've been injured on the job, you probably have a ton of questions. I understand. You are concerned about your family and your livelihood. My suggestion is the next step you should take before anything else is to read my book, Win Your Injury Case. I wrote it to help folks like you, good people who got hurt on the job. You can order a free copy and I will cover the shipping too.

California Workers Compensation  - - A rip off?

The supposed trade off for injured workers not being able to sue their employers - in tort - is that injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The trade off is predicated on the fraudulent premise that the workers’ compensation system will deliver quick and fair benefits to those injured while in the course and scope of their employment.

Workers CompensationIn exchange, employers don’t have to face civil lawsuits when a worker is injured or killed. So instead of facing a multi-million dollar verdict for the needless death of a worker - the total cap on workers’ compensation death benefits is $320,000.

Because of the unfairness of California workers compensation laws, if you are seriously injured or have had a family member killed on the job, you need a lawyer to see if you have a viable third-party case. You need a lawyer that specializes in third party civil lawsuits. IT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE JUSTICE. Depend on it.

Don't leave your case up to a California workers compensation attorney. In order to receive fair compensation for your injuries, you need a California lawyer that specializes in third party cases. Noted San Diego, California trial lawyer Bill Turley has been handling California third party cases since 1986. Bill Turley teaches other lawyers how to successfully handle these complex cases.

You Can Ask Us A Legal Question For Free

Many attorneys charge hundreds of dollars for an hour of their time. We don't. We know you can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars to have an attorney answer your questions. This is especially true if you are injured and can't work. Or if you lost a family member in a work accident.

So this is what we offer here: If you have a legal question about work injuries, California workers compensation and/or third party work injuries, and you want our advice - - we will answer the question for free. With no obligation.

Just fill out the contact form and tell us about the problem and we will provide a no cost response.*

* First, although no attorney client relationship is being created by us answering your question; we still consider our communications to be confidential. Meaning, we will not reveal them to any other person or entity. We will not provide your name and/or information to any other person and/or entity. We treat your privacy very seriously.

Second, This Free Legal Advice option does not apply to persons whom already have a lawyer. If you have the right lawyer, then they should be able to answer these questions.


This website provides information for California workers that are concerned about California workers compensation laws. Our goal is to level the playing field between injured workers employees and workers compensation insurance companies. We expose the tricks, traps, and stunts these employers may use to cheat injured people out of their pay. We provide vital information so you can make informed decisions regarding your California Workers compensation Case.

Our San Diego Workers compensation Attorneys have packed this website with hundreds of pages of free information, which we constantly update. Use our website to research your California worker compensation case. You will see that we have an assortment of informative and relevant California workers compensation articles.


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