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What is negligence under the Jones Act?

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What is Jones Act Negligence?

Common Questions by seriously injured Jones Act Seaman and their families:

            What is negligence under the Jones Act?  
            Define: Jones Act negligence?
            How is a Jones Act employer negligent? 
            What does "featherweight causation" mean?
            What does "slight negligence" mean?
            What does Jones Act negligence mean?

Negligence under the Jones Act is the failure to use reasonable care.

Reasonable care is the degree of care that reasonably prudent persons would use under like circumstances to avoid injury to themselves or others. Negligence is the doing of something that a reasonably prudent person would not do, or the failure to do something that a reasonably prudent person would do, under the circumstances.

Duty to Provide a Safe Place to Work

The employer of a seaman owes the seaman a duty under the Jones Act to provide the seaman a safe place to work.  This duty extends to providing a safe place to work on the ship of a third party over which the employer has no control, if that is where the seaman's employer sends him or her to work.


Negligence under the Jones Act is a cause of an injury if it played any part, no matter how slight, in bringing about the injury or damage, even if the negligence operated in combination with the acts of another, or in combination with some other cause.

“Featherweight Causation Standard”

Even the slightest negligence” is sufficient to support a Jones Act finding of negligence. This test is often described as a “featherweight causation standard” and allows a seaman to survive summary judgment by presenting even the slightest proof of causation.

Causation is different under a Jones negligence claim and an unseaworthiness claim

The causal requirements for Jones Act negligence and under the doctrine of unseaworthiness are different. Separate causation jury instructions, therefore, will be necessary where both claims for relief are asserted.

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