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What is a Jones Act Vessel?

“We give you answers to your Jones Act Case questions in simple, easy to understand English, that everyone can understand. No legal mumbo-jumbo, lawyer talk.” -Bill Turley

What is a vessel? Jones Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

My Best Advice

Many times I have witnessed Jones Act Cases Be thrown out before it has even started. Why? Because the claimant was not honest or not truthful. And a lot of times, those people do not understand why their case was dismissed.

I have to be frank here. You have to be honest on everything about your case. You need to make sure that all the good and bad facts are brought to the table from the beginning. If you do not, then you will lose. Sometimes the truth hurts, but remember it is the truth that sets you free.

If you want to win your Jones Act Case, you need to make sure to take the proper steps. I have been handling Jones Act Cases since the 1980's. I have seen and learned a lot.

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Order my free book, Win Your Injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [even before you hire a lawyer].

I promise you this book is full of helpful and useful information that will help you succeed in your Jones Act Case. 

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What is a vessel under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act protects crew members of a vessel when they are injured.  If it floats and you work on it - - then it probably quailifies as a Jones Act vessel, if  it plies navigable waters. The Jones Act applies to inland river workers and offshore crew members who work on the following types of vessels:

drill ships
crew boats
floating cranes
cruise ships
recreational boats
cargo ships
fishing vessels
chemical ships
research vessels
construction barges
diving vessels
crab processing barges
floating work platforms
supply boats
tub boats
party boats
sport fishing boats
fishing boats
auto carriers
casino boats
drilling rig


Jones Act vessel Jones Act Attorney -


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The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC understands that you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned what might happen to you if you are an injured Jones Act Seaman. We are committed to fighting to get you the justice you deserve, and maybe help you regain your peace of mind in the process. Contact The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC today to discuss your case with a Jones Act Attorney.

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Jones Act vessel Jones Act Attorney -

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The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC lawyers can help you locate the best medical providers for your injuries. They stand up to the Jones Act insurance company that is trying to keep you from getting needed medical treatment and maintenance benefits. They make sure you follow the complex court procedures and make sure you are timely with all case deadlines. They can help get your case resolved if you need to go on with your life.

Advocate for You Against the Insurance Company

The way the Jones Act system is set up is the company doctor will disagree with your doctor over needed medical treatment and disability. This is when you need a seasoned lawyer taking on the insurance company.

Bill Turley has been practicing law for over 25 years. He knows how to battle the insurance company so you can receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

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Elected President of Consumer Attorneys
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