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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Defense Base Act Injury Benefits

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” - Spencer Johnson

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Helpful Advice

When it comes to the ins and outs of filing a DBA claim, the first step you must take, is always tell the truth. Under no circumstances, never sugar coat anything. The moment you start to over exaggerate your injury, is the moment you can kiss you case good bye. Count on it.

I have seen it happen to many hard working civilian contractors before.

Never tell a lie, and always tell the truth. Your credibility with the Defense Base Act insurance company and the Judge depend on it.

The Next Step

Before you fill out any forms or start the process of your DBA claim, you need to do your research. Order my free book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap To The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve. I will send it to you for free and cover shipping. It is full of helpful information that will only benefit you on your road to recovery with your Defense Base Act Claim.

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What Happens When a DBA Worker Is Injured at Work?

If you are a Defense Base Act worker and you are injured or become sick at work, you are eligible for medical care as part of your DBA benefits. If your injury leaves you unable to work for three days or longer, you may also be eligible for disability benefits. But, these benefits are not automatic.

Notify Your Employer Using Form LS 201

In order to receive your Defense Base Act injury benefits, you must report your injury to your supervisor using form LS 201. You can request the form from your supervisor or human resources office.

Seek Medical Care

If it is an emergency, don’t worry about the form. Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room, but notify your employer and complete the LS 201 as soon as you are able to. The form must be filed within 30 days of your injury. Additional time is granted for hearing loss and certain illness claims.

Your employer should notify its DBA claims administrator or DBA insurance carrier of your injury using form LS-202. The carrier will authorize needed medical treatment from the doctor of your choice.

Request Disability Benefits With Form LS 203

If you are unable to work for three days or longer, you are eligible for disability compensation. To receive disability compensation, you must fill out claim form LS 203 with the local Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP).  This must be filled out within one year of the date of injury or your last payment of compensation, whichever is later. Those with certain occupational diseases may have additional time to file for compensation.

Compensation is payable 14 days after your employer is notified of your injury.

Seek Legal Help

If you don’t get your benefits within a reasonable time period, you have a right to sue your employer for damages.  If your employer failed to secure your compensation, the company you work for will be fined. Its corporate officers may be held personally liable for your benefits. To learn more about how a Defense Base Act attorney can help you, contact The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC at 866-705-4617.

Disclaimer: Please understand these discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. This testimonial, endorsement and/or discussion does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, your particular case/ situation and/or this particular case/ situation. Thanks, Bill Turley

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