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Tubing Accidents: Liability from a Boat Accident Lawyer's View

What are Water Tubes?

Tubes for use as towables on water are generally not true inner tubes but rather specially designed tubes for the purpose of recreation.   Tubes are sold as toys.  However,  they are anything but toys.  From what we have seen - - tubes are very, very dangerous.

Why Water Tubing is Dangerous

Towing tubes continue to injure person after person. Tube devices are inherently dangerous because they do not allow riders to control the tube. Which means that persons riding the tubes are literally "sitting-ducks."

Another Tubing Accident Happened

It happened again. On August 3, 2009, the San Diego Union reported a 14 year old boy was badly injured on Mission Bay when he was struck by a personal watercraft while tubing. Another tube accident in San Diego. "Tubing" refers to be towed by a boat while riding in a tube.  The tubes come in a variety of names: Big O Donut, Banana, Spin Cycle, Swept Ring, Cockpit, Hot Rod, Kwick Tek, etc.  What they all have in common is this: they are towed behind a boat. The person(s) being towed have no directional control. So they are literal "sitting ducks."  The tubes can not take evasive action. So boats collide with the tubes, injuring the kids riding in the tubes.  What we do know: tube accidents happen again and again.

Tragically, it is usually children that get injured. The latest injury was typical: a 14 year old boy.

Mission Bay is considered "navigable waters" of the US.  Meaning, that maritime law applies if you are injured while tubing. This is important for several reasons. One is that maritime law does not allow "assumption of the risk."  In addition, Federal navigation rules apply (called "Rules of the Road").  Maritime lawyers use the navigational rules to assign fault or liability.

Tubes are Defectively Designed

We firmly believe that all of these tube-type devices are inherently defective because they do not allow users any navigational control.  The important thing for you or your loved ones that are injured by these tubes is to hire a seasoned boat injury lawyer (called a maritime lawyer). The last thing you need is an auto accident lawyer or a dog-bite lawyer. Finally, beware of lawyers calling themselves boat accident lawyer or maritime lawyer on their websites. The lawyer you hire should have a long record of handling boat accident cases.

Research Your Boating Accident Before Speaking with A Boat Accident Lawyer

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