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The Supreme Group - - The Deadliest DBA Employer

Defense Base Act Lawyer-Bill Turley; Deadliest DBA Employer: The Supreme Group
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Supreme Group

According to their website, the Supreme Group has more than fifty years experience developing and operating customized supply chain and associated service solutions in demanding environments.


Supreme Divisions:

Supreme Aviation

Supreme Foodservice

Supreme Fuels

Supreme Logistics

Supreme Retail

Supreme Support


The Supreme Group - The Deadliest DBA Employer?

According to the United States Department of Labor statistics, working for The Supreme Group is very dangerous. How dangerous? The Supreme Group is number 7th in overall DBA injury claims from 2001 to 2011 and 2nd in injury claims from 10-1-09 to 9-30-09. In the past year , there have been 807 DBA injury claims by The Supreme Group employees.


Deadly DBA Employer


There have been 202 deaths of The Supreme Group DBA workers since 10-1-2009.   This is 10's more than the next closest DBA employer!

Of course, these statistics are misleading and have been under attack. It is well known that injuries and deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan have been severely under reported by both the US Military and DBA civilian contractors.

For example, the Department of Labor readily admits that these statistics are allegedly reported claims. There are thousands of either unreported claims and denied claims which are largely uncounted for in the statistics.

In summary, the Department of Labor statistics are believed to be the "tip of the iceberg." And working for The Supreme Group is extremely dangerous and deadly.


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