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Do you or a loved one have a Traumatic brain injury?

The 8 signs and symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

There are two main causes of acquired brain injury (ABI). First, is hypoxia: That is: deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues. The second major cause of ABI is traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This article will focus on traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are usually caused by a bump or blow to the head. These injuries sometimes are called "concussions" or "traumatic brain injuries" (TBI) and can range from mild to severe.

Most mild brain injuries cause no harm. But sometimes even mild brain injuries can cause serious, long-lasting problems. 

The signs and symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) may include:

1. A brief period of unconsciousness
2. Amnesia for events immediately before and after the injury
3. Memory or concentration problems
4. Confusion
5. Dizziness or loss of balance
6. Headache
7. Mood changes
8. Sensory problems, such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears or a bad taste in the mouth

What if I have these traumatic brain injury signs and my doctor hasn't diagnosed my brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries are oftentimes missed by medical professionals. If you suspect you or a loved one has suffered an undiagnosed brain injury, you should raise this issue with your doctors. Take this list with you and explain to your doctor the signs and symptoms you or a loved one are experiencing. In our experience, injured workers in California with traumatic brain injuries are often missed by insurance company doctors. Instead, the  Caliifornia workers comp doctor will say, "You are fine, back to work." Even if there are demonstrated signs of brain injury by the California worker.

Of course, this doesn't just happen in California workers compensation cases. It occurs with people who have brain injury caused by defective products, brain injury caused by car accidents, brain injury caused by boat accidents and brain injury caused by ship accidents also.

The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC understands that you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned you or a family member that has been seriously injured in an accident. We are committed to fighting to get you the justice you deserve, and maybe help you regain your peace of mind in the process. Contact The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC today to discuss your case with a California traumatic brain injury lawyer. 

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