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My best advice (and second best advice) - Service Employees International, Inc. and the Defense Base Act

Service Employees International Inc. - Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Service Employees International, Inc. - SEII and the Defense Base Act

If you are a seriously injured overseas civilian contractor. You probably don't know where to turn, what to do.  All you see is endless website after website that all basically say "Hire me, I'm a Defense Base Act Lawyer."  I suggest something totally different.  My best advice is always tell the truth.  Nothing is more important than your credibility when you have a court case.
My second best advice  is for you to slow down, and request a free copy of my 5 Star book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  I suggest you read my book before you talk to the DBA insurance company adjuster, sign any forms, give a statement and before you hire the wrong lawyer.  Still not sure? Check out the dozens of 5 Star reviews on amazon.com of my book.

Service Employees International, Inc. Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley


The Company Won't Allow You To Return to Work Without a Full Release and the DBA Insurance Company Argues You Have No Wage Loss

Service Employees International, Inc. - Catch 22

One of the tactics DBA employers such as Service Employers International, Inc. regularly take is on the one hand refuse to allow the injured worker to return to work without a doctors release and on the other hand defend the DBA claim by arguing the worker is able to return to work with no disability or wage loss.

If this occurs to you, then you need to know there is DBA case law which supports the position that you have made a prima facia case (meaning you have proved your case) for an inability to return to your usual and customary work where the doctors won't give you a full release to return to work and SEII refuses to give your job back without a release.  All good. But you need to know what to do when this happens to you.


DBA, Statistics and Service Employees International, Inc. and Lies

According to the Untited States Department of Labor, Service Employees International, Inc.  has by far the most reported DBA lost time reported injuires from 2001 to 2015. (These are the latest statistics).  SEII reported over 11,000 lost time reported injuries and over 140  deaths during that time period. 

And if you follow these statistics like I do, you would be convinced that injuries are extremely under reported by the Defense Base Act insurance companies.

I don't believe these statistics at all. And I suggest you should not either.

But, truth be told, once you are seriously injured, these statistics don't mean squat. Not to you and your family.  Or at least, they shouldn't.


What matters now

What has to matter to you and your family is what is going to happen if you can't go back to making the kind of money that you were making overseas.  How are you going to get the best mnedical treatment possible?  How are you going to make sure you get your weekly disability checks?

This is part of the reason why I wrote Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  You can buy it on amazon.com or you can claim your free copy from this website. I gurantee it is going to be the very best investment you your going to make in your future now that you have a Defense Base Act case.


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