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Longshore Straight Talk: Medical Treatment Eligibility


San Francisco Longshore Act Lawyer Bill Turley
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If you are an injured seaman, you have rights to be protected under the Longshore Jones Act. The first thing after you are injured is that you should always tell the truth. Nothing is more important than your credibility with the judge and your lawyer. No matter what type of injury or how you were injured, you should never sugarcoat or exaggerate anything. 

The best thing you can do before you go to court is research as much information as you can about your Jones Act Case. I have handled these types of cases since the 1980's. I have gained valuable and helpful knowledge these cases. Order my Free book, Win Your Injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [ Even before you hire a lawyer] It is full of useful and helpful information on how to handle your Jones Act Case from beginning to end.

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Let's face it, you have a much better chance of prevailing in your Longshore  case if you understand the rules and how to apply them. Use our website to learn how to win your Longshore claim. By using this website, you may be able to handle/ settle your LHWCA case yourself. Under some circumstances, you may be able to settle your Longshore Act claim without having to hire a lawyer.

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Longshore Act: Basic Eligibility Requirements:

Medical Benefits

There are four basic requirements for you  to be entitled to medical benefits under the Longshore Act. The condition requiring medical treatment, services, or appliances must be:

(1) causally related, at least in part, to

(2) an accidental injury or exposure to injurious conditions

(3) in the course of covered employment

(4) at a covered location.


Sounds simple. It's not that way when you aren't getting the benefits you deserve under the LHWCA.


Free Choice Physician LHWCA

Under the LHWCA/ Longshore Act an injured employee has a free choice of physician. The Employee must request authorization from the employer/ carrier to be treated by his/her free choice physician.

Click here for more information on LHWCA Medical Treatment.


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We are committed to protecting your legal rights. We understand that you and your family's future is can be riding on the outcome of your case. We fight hard to protect your rights to maximum financial compensation and needed health care.

We are passionate about helping injured Longshoreman and Harbor Workers. We treats our clients with respect, dignity. We fight hard for you - to get what you are entitled to under the law. The best doctors. We monitor your medical treatment to help ensure that you get the best medical care possible.


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We know how difficult it can be for an injured Longshore and Harbor Worker and their family after they have suffered a serious vessel injury. Contact us to get the help you need and can trust to make it through this difficult time.


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William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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