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“Always plain English, with no sugarcoating, no lawyer talk, no double talk. Just old fashioned, unsweetened truth.” San Diego Workers’ Compensation Lawyer - Bill Turley

San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Bill Turley “I always use plain English, with no sugarcoating, no B.S. lawyer talk, no double talk. Just old fashioned, unsweetened, unvarnished truth.”  San Diego Workers’ Compensation Attorney - Bill Turley

The First Step

When handling your work injury case, nothing matters more than the honest truth. Nothing. You must be straightforward and honest about your case. I have seen many instances where a client will sugarcoat their injury and the courts throw out the case. Why? All because they were not honest from the get-go.

The Next Step

If you've been injured on the job, you probably have a ton of questions. I understand. You are concerned about your family and your livelihood. My suggestion is the next step you should take before anything else is to read my book, Win Your Injury Case. I wrote it to help folks like you, good people who got hurt on the job. You can order a free copy and I will cover the shipping too.

What We Do For Injured Workers

We have been helping injured workers for 25 years. We help injured workers win their work injury cases. Both workers compensation cases and third party cases. We make the employer, manufacturer, company, other driver, or person that is proven to have caused your injuries pay you maximum monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. You have the right to be adequately compensated for your injuries.

Generally, all of our case are contingency fee cases. Meaning we don't get paid unless we win. We have found this system provides us with the necessary incentive to win.

Many clients don't understand the services we provide our clients. Here is a partial list of what we do for our work injury clients:

- help you get the best medical treatment you need
- help you get all the diagnostic tests you need
- help you receive all the weekly benefits you are entitled to
- make sure the medical bill collectors follow proper law and get paid by the insurance company
- file all claims forms with the insurance company and your employer
- file an application with the WCAB
- explain to you your rights and legal options
- encourage regular communications to keep you informed of your case
- investigate how your injury was caused
- deal with the insurance company and the adjuster
- help you get medical milage reimbursements
- serve subpoenas to gather medical records
- serve subpoenas to gather employment records
- inspect accident scenes, defective products and the like
- interview and retain the experts needed to win your case
- help develop the evidence you need to win your case
- advance costs
- help you prepare for the defense medical examination
- interview witnesses
- take depositions of witnesses
- develop strategies on how to settle your case
- attend mediations and settlement conferences
- develop strategies for your trial
- research legal issues which are in dispute in your case
- talk to the Judge and/or Jury for you
- handle all court related events and details
- fight for your rights from the beginning of your case to the end
- help you get your life back together
- do whatever it takes to win your case (within ethics, of course)
- we give you peace of mind


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We Protect You When You Are Hurt

We know how difficult it can be for an injured worker and their family after they have suffered a serious work injury. Contact our San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyers  to get the help you need and can trust to make it through this difficult time.

619-234-2833 or toll free at 866-705-4617.

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Our Personal Approach:

Our San Diego Workers' Compensation lawyers and staff offer a personal approach to winning your case. We know what a serious injury or death can mean to you and your family. As a client, we want to know how your San Diego Workers' Compensation accident has affected your life. We will discuss all aspects of your case with you, advise you of your options and involve you in the decision making process. Helping you through this difficult time is our commitment. Our San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyers are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed. We will do everything to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.


San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyer I San Diego Workers' Compensation Attorney


Important Information: Statute of Limitations


The "Statute of Limitations" (SOL) is a law that sets a strict time limit on when your legal claim or action may be commenced. (Read: filed in Court). After the SOL has expired your legal action (i.e. your lawsuit) is forever barred. There are few exceptions. Very, very few.

In California, the Statute of Limitations for most type of personal injury cases is two (2) years from the date of the incident. There are some exceptions to this rule - but you should never, ever depend on one of the exceptions.


You May Get A Do-Over


On the other hand, if you have missed the statute of limitations with your case - meaning it is longer than two years past when your injury occurred and a lawsuit hasn't been filed - you may still be able to bring a lawsuit under very limited circumstances. Don't depend on this - - call a California Third Party Lawyer today.


Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Get An Attorney


Don't wait. If you have a serious injury, call a lawyer today. Not any lawyer - you need an attorney that specializes in California third party work injury cases. Trouble is, there are very few truly good and experienced third party work injury lawyers in California. Make sure the California third party work injury attorney you hire has a history of winning third party work injury cases.

Top Rated San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Bill Turley

Awarded  Super Lawyer – 2011 - 2017  

Only Super Lawyer - Workers Compensation in City of San Diego
Highest Rated Workers’ Compensation Attorney by Avvo.com
Elected President of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
New York Times Top Attorney
Awarded Best Lawyer San Diego

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My website provides information to injured workers and their families. My goal is to level the playing field between seriously injured workers and insurance companies. We expose the tricks, traps, and techniques they use to cheat injured workers out of their legal rights. Our San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyers provide vital information so you can make informed decisions regarding your California workers compensation case.


Use our website to win your case!

This is THE most comprehensive work injury website in California.

We have hundreds of relevant useful webpages that you can use to win your work injury case!

San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyer I San Diego Workers' Compensation Attorney - Bill Turley



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