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San Diego Boat and Ship Accident Attorney Reveals: The "Eight Cardinal Rules" For San Diego Boat and Ship Accidents? Don't Sink Your Case Before It Even Starts

Bill Turley is a San Diego "boat and ship" lawyer has been handling San Diego boat and ship accident cases since 1986. Bill teaches lawyers the law. He is a "Proctor in Admiralty" and is widely regarded to be “the Dean” of the San Diego maritime bar. If you are involved in a boat or ship accident in San Diego, you need to know the following information.

One of the first things you need to learn is whether your injury occurred on the "navigable waters of the United States." Navigable waters is a term of art which is usually defined as a waterway from which a vessel can travel either to the ocean or from one state to another. The following waters are all considered to be "navigable waters of the United States:"

                                                                 San Diego Bay
                                                               San Diego Harbor
                                                                  Pacific Ocean
                                                                   Mission Bay
                                                                Oceanside Harbor

In addition, since so many San Diego folks travel to "The River" every summer, it should be mentioned that the Colorado River are navigable waters. If you are injured on the Colorado River you case falls under maritime law.

Second, maritime law concerns "vessels." All types and classes of vessels are subject to what is known as "admiralty jurisdiction." It is well settled that recreational vessels as well as commercial vessels are subject to "admiralty jurisdiction."

Third, in order for admiralty jurisdiction to be invoked the subject vessel(s) must be "a vessel in navigation." This is also a term of art. There is no requirement that the vessel actually be navigating. For example, a vessel is termed to be in navigation" tied up to a pier, mooring, or marina.

Fourth, maritime law is very, very different than California State law. We are "maritime lawyers." Every year we see non-maritime lawyers commit legal malpractice in their fumbled attempts to handle a maritime case. Don't be "that guy."

The lawyer you choose to represent you makes all the difference in the outcome of your case. Attorneys at The Turley Law Firm specialize in Boat and Accident / Maritime cases. We not only practice maritime law, we also teach lawyers maritime law. We are Proctors in Admiralty. We have been representing people injured on boats and ships since 1986. We understand that your financial future usually depends on the success of your case. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the money compensation that they are entitled to under maritime law.

Fifth, don't be fooled by fancy lawyer Internet websites that say that they are "maritime lawyers." I know I see the lawyer websites also. You go on the Internet and search Google for "California maritime attorney" or "San Diego maritime attorney." You will see website after website by lawyers all proclaiming to be California maritime attorneys. We can tell you that 95% of Internet lawyers are not the right fit for your serious maritime injury case. Why?

Law firms say they are maritime lawyers, but they don't really know the first thing about maritime law. In California there is no rule against any lawyer calling themselves experts about anything. So you see, lawyers claim to be experts in just about everything: dog bites, amusement park accidents, auto accidents, nursing home litigation, etc. Now you should ask yourself, "How can this lawyer be an expert in all of these things and be an expert on boat, ship or maritime accidents"? The short answer is they are not really maritime attorneys. 3rd: Ask these Internet lawyers how many maritime cases they have handled? How many maritime trials have they done? You will soon see that they are not really maritime lawyers at all. You need a seasoned maritime lawyer to win your case. Not some lawyer that only claims to be a maritime lawyer.

Sixth, many of these law firms are not really from San Diego or California. While some of these law firms obviously are experienced maritime lawyers - - they are not licensed to practice law in California. The problem here is that these lawyers are either looking for a way to file the case wherever they are from (Houston, Texas, Seattle, New York, wherever....)
Seventh, most maritime cases should be filed in State Court. Conservative federal judges have really limited an injured person's chances for justice in Federal Court. You have a much better chance for actually winning your case in California State Court. These out of State lawyers are probably not well versed in California law and California civil procedure.

Eight, with "admiralty jurisdiction" comes the application of Federal Maritime Law. Meaning, that you are not in Kansas anymore. Literally and figuratively. Federal Maritime Law is just as unforgiving to the unprepared as the sea is to those unprepared. There are various Statutes, procedures, laws, and exceptions to laws. The point being, that if you are injured in a boat or ship accident you need to consult with a good honest maritime lawyer. Don't dillydally. Some maritime laws require you to act as soon as 6 months after you are injured.

We represent seaman and sailors from San Diego who are injured all over the world, in every ocean and every port. Including all of the following locations:

                                                                    San Diego
                                                              San Diego Harbor
                                                                   Point Loma
                                                                   National City
                                                                   Chula Vista
                                                               Chula Vista Marina 
                                                                   Shelter Island
                                                                   Harbor Island
                                                    San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal
                                                       24th Street Marine Terminal
                                                      10th Avenue Marine Terminal
                                                                  G Street Mole 
                                                                 Oceanside Harbor

If you or a loved one needs a maritime lawyer from San Diego, be sure to pass these "Eight Cardinal Rules" on to them. Otherwise, they might end up not hiring the best honest maritime attorney from San Diego. You need a San Diego "Proctor in Admiralty." You need an honest San Diego boat accident attorney or an honest San Diego ship accident attorney. Even if we are not the "best fit" for you and your case, we will help fit you with the best honest lawyer for your case.

William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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