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Waterways of San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County Waterways Navigable Waters of the United States: 

Colorado River
Parker Strip
Lake Havasu
Bullhead City

San Bernardino Inland Waters (non-naviagable waters)

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area
Lake Arrowhead
Big Bear Lake

San Bernardino Seaman - San Bernardino Merchant Marine Attorney

Seaman that live in San Bernardino serve on vessels across the world. Many Seaman work out of Los Angeles Harbor or San Diego Harbor. San Bernardino Merchant Marines work on all types of vessels across the world.

We have a state-wide and a world-wide practice. We represent Seaman injured all over California. In addition, many San Bernardino residents are injured in every sea and ocean in the world. We handle Seaman injury cases across the globe.

If you are an injured Seaman you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned what might happen to you if you were involved in a serious or deadly ship accident. Our San Bernardino Admiralty Attorneys can help. Call us at (619) 234-2833.

San Bernardino Admiralty Lawyer  - - Research Your Admiralty Case 

Use this website to win your Admiralty case. We have the most comprehensive Admiralty website in California. This website will help you learn California navigational rules, California Boating Laws, California Admiralty Law.  See our boating law library. 

San Bernardino Admiralty Lawyers, Jones Act Seaman Attorney


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