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Never trust the DBA Insurance Company

"We stand up to the Defense Base Act insurance company that is trying to keep you from getting needed medical treatment and weekly compensation benefits. We can help you get your life back."  Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Oregon Defense Base Act Lawyer I Oregon DBA Lawyer I Oregeon DBA Attorney Oregon Defense Base Act Attorney Bill Turley


You Need To Take Action

Your employer/ carrier is obligated to provide you reasonable medical treatment and temporary total disability benefits under the Defense Base Act. Too often the carrier will arbitrarily refuse to pay or stop paying for medical treatment and will stop your workers' compensation checks. The insurance carrier will controvert your DBA claim.

Doing nothing is not the best option. If your Defense Base Act medical benefits or workers compensation - TTD checks - are denied or the insurance carrier refuses to pay for your medical treatment or TTD you need to take action. Now. See this website for free information on the DBA. This is the most comprehensive DBA website in California.

Always tell the truth

Always tell the truth regarding your Defense Base Act injury claim. Whenever you go into court asking for money your credibility is always at issue. Don't fudge or exaggerate your claim or injuries. You only have one case and you don't get any "do-overs." Don't risk losing your case - - always tell the truth. Win your case with the truth.

Thus, whether you have a scheduled injury or an unscheduled injury under the Defense Base Act - - Average Weekly Wage may be a huge issue in your case. Don't assume the Defense Base Act insurance adjuster has calculated your Average Weekly Wage correctly. To the contrary, you should always assume that your AWW has been calculated as low as possible by the DBA insurance adjuster. Always, always recalculate your AWW.

Know this: the adjuster is not your friend. While you should never be rude or disrespectful to the DBA adjuster - you also have to maintain your guard at all times. It is just like in the movies - everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Depend on it.

Instead, be as brief as possible with the adjuster. Give out as little information as possible. Never, ever, ever give a recorded or written statement. Never, ever sign any medical releases or employment releases. If the adjuster tells you that you need to do these things in order to receive benefits - call us immediately. You are being set up, like a bowling pin.


Oregon Defense Base Act Lawyer I Oregon DBA Lawyer I Oregeon DBA Attorney Oregon Defense Base Act Attorney

Discuss your case with a Defense Base Act Lawyer

The Turley Law Firm understands that you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned what might happen to you if you are an injured worker under the Defense Base Act. We are committed to fighting to get you the justice you deserve, and maybe help you regain your peace of mind in the process.


How us being from San Diego helps you


We are based in San Diego, California. This is a benefit to you. Few Defense Base Act lawyers have been handling DBA cases longer than us. The Defense Base Act falls under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. We have been handling Longshore Act cases since 1987. Because San Diego has the largest shipyard on the west coast with thousands of shipyard workers and San Diego's waterfront, we have gained valuable experience with these cases long before the United States sent civilian workers to Iraq and Afghanistan. That experience helps us win Defense Base Act cases.


Oregon Defense Base Act Lawyer I Oregon DBA Lawyer I Oregeon DBA Attorney Oregon Defense Base Act Attorney


West Coast's Leading Defense Base Act Law Firm

We help DBA workers across America. We represent seriously injured Defense Base Act workers that live in every part of the United States.


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Research Your Defense Base Act Case

This website provides information for persons involved in Defense Base Act injuries. We provide vital information so you can make informed decisions regarding your DBA case.


We have the most comprehensive Defense Base Act website.


Oregon Defense Base Act Lawyer I Oregon DBA Lawyer I Oregeon DBA Attorney Oregon Defense Base Act Attorney


The DBA Falls Under the Longshore Act

Under the provisions of the DBA, overseas federal military and public works contractors are subject to the same workers' compensation rules, including the same insurance requirements and same schedules of benefits for affected workers, as maritime firms covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA).

The DBA provides no-fault coverage and is an exclusive remedy to injured workers. Injured workers and the survivors of workers killed on the job are entitled to benefits for employment-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths regardless of fault and are not permitted to sue their employers or the federal government for any types of damages caused by employment-related incidents. However, DBA employees can bring third party lawsuits against persons and/or entitles whom are legally entities which are not their employers.

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