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"I wish that I wouldn't get anymore calls from grief stricken parents that lost their child needlessly to Off Throttle Steering." - A Lawyer's Confession

I am a maritime lawyer. I practice in San Diego, California. I have been handling PWC accident lawsuits since the 90's.  One thing that stays the same is people keep right on getting seriously injured and killed due to off throttle steering loss.  I have seen the tragedy and despair. Families needlessly shattered.  Dreams lost.  All needlessly. 

I have a confession.  I truly wish it would all go away. I truly wish that all the deadly and defective PWC's would be recalled. It would be simple to put a bucket on all of these defective PWC's. Naval Architects have testified and demonstrated how easily this could and should be done. On a production level, it is nothing more than a new bucket. Most PWC's already have a reverse bucket; all it takes is swapping the bucket out for a sturdier bucket with a slightly different design.  Just add a bicycle type brake handle and some linkages and you now have a PWC that stops quickly and can turn under all conditions. 

What I am trying to say is that I wish that I wouldn't get anymore calls from grief stricken parents that lost their child needlessly to OTSL. I don't want to take anymore calls from kids that tell me they lost their daddy due to OTSL. I take these calls because I truly believe everything that you have read on this web site. It is all true.

I'll take your calls because I truly believe that together, you and I will make a difference. Collectively, we will make the PWC manufacturers recall defective PWC's.  The way to force a recall is to bring more products liability cases against PWC manufacturers for their defective design.  Product liability lawsuits and jury verdicts are an important step along the way to forcing a recall and saving lives.

So until the OTSL recall comes, rest assured that we will keep right on bringing product liability cases against PWC manufacturers.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured or killed in a personal watercraft collision, you need to investigate whether Off Throttle Steering Loss played a role. PWC's have been responsible for countless deaths. All were needless. 




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