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Seaman Injured on MARAD Vessels

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MARAD, or the United States Maritime Administration, is an agency that operates under the auspices of the US Department of Transportation. This US department of maritime administration is responsible for maintenance of the National Defense Reserve Fleet or NDRF, which serves as an emergency source of ships and as a backup to the military forces of the country.

MARAD maintains a fleet of cargo ships in reserve to provide surge sealift during war and national emergencies. The backup fleet of ships and provides support to the military. As part of the process for maintaining ships that can be called into service in emergency situations.


MARAD has established contracts with a number of US based commercial ship owners. The contracts essentially allow MARAD the ability to press the ships into use if a national emergency is declared. At the end of 2007, this type of contractual arrangement provided MARAD with access to roughly sixty different cargo ships that are owned and operated by US based commercial shippers, and are currently used for commercial purposes.




Seaman's Claims and MARAD


When you work aboard MARAD vessel, legally you don't work for Bay Ship or Crowley. Instead, you work for the United States of America. Seaman working aboard MARAD  vessels must bring their case pursuant to the Suits In Admiralty Act. The only suit that can be brought is against the United States.


Under the SIAA, a plaintiff is required to bring suit within a two-year statute of limitations.


Seaman injured on MARAD vessels are Jones Act Seaman


Seaman working aboard Marad vessels fall under the Jones Act and general maritime Law. When you sue the United States, you have less potential causes of action than Jones Act seaman on privately owned vessels.



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