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Los Angeles Maritime Activities

“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”- BIll Turley

Nothing is more important than your credibility with the judge. You must always tell the truth. Every case had good or bad facts. You need to be up front and honest with your lawyer about everything. Always tell the truth. Always, no matter what it is you might be worried about.

If a judge thinks you are not being honest, you will have your case dismissed. I have witnessed it many times in court due to one white lie.  You must always be honest and truthful about your injury.

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Use this website to win your maritime case.
We have the most comprehensive maritime website in California. This website will help you learn California navigational rules, California Boating Laws, California Maritime Law.

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Helping Getting Past Your Injury

Our Maritime lawyers can and will help you through these tough times. We will help you get past your vessel injury.


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Our law firm is respected for the thoroughness of our work and for the results we achieve for Maritime Injury Case. Please contact us to learn whether we may be able to assist you with your Maritime case.


State-Wide Practice

We represent clients in Los Angeles County, throughout Southern California and the entire state.

Los Angeles Maritime Activities

Los Angeles is one of the biggest centers of maritime commerce in the world. Combined the Ports of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are the biggest ports in the United States.   All sorts and type of caro and vessels sail in and out of Los Angeles, Wilmington, Long Beach and San Pedro.   Los Angeles Longshoreman and Dock Workers handle containers and different types of cargo.

Los Angeles  Seaman - Los Angeles  Merchant Marine Attorney

Seaman that live in Los Angles serve on vessels across the world. Many Seaman work out of Los Angeles Harbor. Los Angeles  Merchant Marines work on all types of vessels across the world.

We have a state-wide and a world-wide practice. We represent Seaman injured all over California. In addition, many Los Angeles  residents are injured in every sea and ocean in the world. We handle Seaman injury cases across the globe.


We have the most comprehensive Jones Act  website in California.


If you are an injured Seaman you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned what might happen to you if you were involved in a serious or deadly ship accident. Our Los Angerles  Maritime Attorneys can help.


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Rules of the Waterways

Unlike the roadways, our waterways don't have yellow stripes and signal lights directing traffic. Boaters must depend on each other to know and observe the "rules of the road" on the water even though markings are rarely available to provide guidance. Knowing and following the rules will prevent accidents - and keep tempers in check - so everyone can have a good time.


Inland Rules of the Road

Navigation Rules

The inland navigational rules, commonly called the "Rules of the Road," govern the operation of boats and specify light and sound signals on inland waters in order to prevent collisions.

Existing law requires that a complete copy of the new inland navigational rules must be kept for reference on board all boats of 39 feet 4 inches (12 meters) or more in length operating on inland waters. A copy of the Navigation Rules International - Inland booklet, which is published by the Coast Guard, may be ordered from: USCG Navigation Center Navcen 7310, 7323 Telegraph RD. Alexandria, VA 20598.

Our Los Angeles Maritime Lawyers have packed this website with hundreds of pages of free information, which we constantly update. Use our website to research your fishing case. You will see that we have an assortment of informative and relevant Maritime articles.

William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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