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LHWCA - How to calculate scheduled permanent disability under the Longshore Act.

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The Best thing you can do for you and your family while dealing with your Longshore Case, is to always tell the truth. No matter what. Your case depends on your honesty. If a judge suspects you are not being honest , then your case will be thrown out.

I have seen it many times in court. Trust me. Do not start a little white lie. Just be honest with your attorney and honest about your injury, and you will be better off.

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Order my free book, Win Your Injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [even before you hire a lawyer]. It is full of helpful and useful information that will teach you what to do and not what to do when handling your Longshore Act Case.  Do your research folks, and you will succeed in court.

Scheduled Injuries Under LHWCA

AMA Impairment

The number of weeks of impairment under the AMA Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment needs to be determined by the a physician. Hopefully, the treating physician. This is a "must." You can not receive any monies for permanent disabilities for a scheduled injury under the LHWCA without such an AMA Guide rating.

56% Impairment of leg

Here we will assume a serious leg injury: 56% impairment of the left lower extremity (i.e., leg). Go here to determine number of weeks for the leg.

A leg is 288 weeks.

56% x 288 weeks = 161.28 weeks

Assuming an average weekly wage of $1,345.98 and a compensation rate of $897.31.

161.28 weeks x $897.31 = $144,719.75 in permanent disability.

Sounds simple. However, it is not. You are usually up against wily adjusters that will calculate your AWW low or send you to doctors that will give low permanent disability. Or try and deduct unsubstantiated permanent disability advances.


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