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L-3 Communications: Dangerous DBA Employer

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Having a lawyer who is experienced in handling Defense Base Act matters and dealing with insurance companies can mean all the difference between receiving medical treatment that is going to get your better and not obtaining the benefits you deserve under Defense Base Act laws.

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The Turley Law Firm lawyers can help you locate the best medical providers for your injuries. They stand up to the DBA insurance company that is trying to keep you from getting needed medical treatment and weekly compensation benefits. They make sure you follow the complex Defense Base Act procedures and make sure you are timely with all case deadlines. They can help get your case resolved if you need to go on with your life.


L-3 Communications and the Defense Base Act

According to their website, L-3 Communications is a prime contractor in Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C³ISR), Government Services, Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance (AM&M) and has the broadest base of Electronic Systems in the industry. L-3 is also a major provider of homeland defense products and services for a variety of emerging markets.

The businesses in L-3's Government Services reportable segment provide a full range of communications systems support, engineering services, information technology (IT) services, teaching and training services, marksmanship training systems and services, intelligence support and analysis services. L-3 sells these services primarily to the DoD, U.S. Government intelligence agencies and allied foreign governments.

L-3 integrates UAVs, sensors and communications equipment to support a variety of surveillance missions for U.S. warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, L-3 provides full-service training support to the U.S. Coast Guard and provides weapon system, avionics technical and engineering support on programs such as the F/A-18, EA-6B, EA-18G, F-14, Joint Strike Fighter, P-3, H-60, H-1, V-22, E-6 and multi-mission aircraft.


L-3 Linquist Services


L-3 is the largest provider of commercial linguist services to the U.S. Government, providing translation, interpretation and linguist/analyst support to deployed and home-station military organizations.


How Dangerous is it to be a DBA worker for L-3 Communications?

According to the United States Department of Labor statistics, working for L-3 Communications is very dangerous. How dangerous? L-3 Communications is number 7th in overall DBA injury claims. Since 2001, there have been 1,169 DBA injury claims by L-3 Communications employees. And untold deaths of L-3 Communications DBA workers.

Even though no deaths of L-3 Communications workers are noted in the statistics, it is relatively certain there have been L-3 Communication worker Defense Base Act deaths.

Of course, these statistics are misleading and have been under attack. It is well known that injuries and deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan have been severely under reported by both the US Military and DBA civilian contractors.

For example, the Department of Labor readily admits that these statistics are allegedly reported claims. There are thousands of either unreported claims and denied claims which are largely uncounted for in the statistics.

In summary, the Department of Labor statistics are believed to be the "tip of the iceberg." And working for L-3 Communications is extremely dangerous and deadly.

It should be noted, the foregoing deaths do not include all of L-3's subsidiaries.

L-3 Communications Subsidiary Companies and Outfits and the Defense Base Act

L-3 is comprised of four divisions that focus on government services, aircraft modernization, advanced electronic systems and secure communications and intelligence gathering products.


L-3 serves as a prime communicator for ISR by supplying signals intelligence (SIGINT) and communications intelligence (COMINT) systems, which when combined with human intelligence (HUMINT), provide real-time situational awareness for the warfighter.



L-3 provides government services, responding to governmental agency requests for experienced support personnel in national security and organizational management programs, emergency management systems and leadership training and educational development services.



L-3 offers comprehensive aircraft modernization, systems integration and life-cycle support services to tactical and maritime aircraft manufacturers around the world. L-3 is also a leading provider of contractor logistics support and life-cycle maintenance for over 4,000 government aircraft, including 1,600 military training aircraft.



L-3 has the broadest range of advanced electronics, aviation, ocean and propulsion, telemetry, microwave, SATCOM and antenna, electro-optical/infrared sensors, precision engagement, simulation and training, security and detection and naval power and control products for air, sea, ground and space applications in the defense industry.

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