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Kuwait Defense Base Act Workers

"If you are a foreign Defense Base Act worker that is seriously injured, the DBA insurance company will not treat you fairly. The only way you are going to get fair compensation under the DBA law is to hire an attorney. We can help you get the DBA benefits you deserve."  Kuwait Defense Base Act Lawyer Bill Turley

Kuwait Defense Base Act Lawyer I  Kuwait DBA Attorney I  Kuwait Defense Base Act Attorney I  Kuwait DBA Lawyer




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We Represent Kuwait DBA Workers 

Our law firm specializes in Defense Base Act cases. We have clients that are from all over the world. We represent Kuwait DBA workers. We can help you and your family also.

Kuwait DBA Workers Do Not Receive DBA Benefits Because They Do Not Know About the Defense Base Act.

Many times, injured DBA workers and their families don't get medical treatment and compensation because they were never informed of their rights to receive DBA benefits. Widows and children have also not received DBA death benefits because they didn't know they were entitled to Defense Base Act benefits.

Most DBA Employers Do Not Meet Their Obligation To Make Kuwait DBA Workers Aware Of Their Rights Under the DBA

The Defense Base Act system relies on DBA companies to make employees aware of insurance coverage and to report deaths and injuries to insurers and the federal government. But most DBA employers have not met those obligations.

Kuwait Defense Base Act Lawyer I  Kuwait DBA Attorney I  Kuwait Defense Base Act Attorney I  Kuwait DBA Lawyer

Who is covered under DBA?

The Defense Base Act covers the following employment activities:

Work for private employers on U.S. military bases or on any lands used by the U.S. for military purposes outside of the United States, including those in U.S. Territories and possessions;

Work on public work contracts with any U.S. government agency, including construction and service contracts in connection with national defense or with war activities outside the United States;

Work on contracts approved and funded by the U.S. under the Foreign Assistance Act, which among other things provides for cash sale of military equipment, materials, and services to its allies, if the contract is performed outside of the United States;

Work for American employers providing welfare or similar services outside the United States for the benefit of the Armed Services, e.g. the United Service Organizations (USO).

If any one of the above criteria is met, all employees engaged in such employment, regardless of nationality (including U.S. citizens and residents, host country nationals (local hires), and third country nationals (individuals hired from another country to work in the host country), are covered under the Act.

World-Wide Defense Base Act Practice

Our offices are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Our Defense Base Act practice is world-wide in scope, and we are handle DBA cases around the world. Therefore, regardless of what country you're from, we can help you get your life back.

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We Give You a Choice

We are from San Diego, California. We have been handling Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (Longshore Act) claims since 1987. We have represented over a thousand Longshore Act claimants. The Defense Base Act is an extension of the Longshore Act. Defense Base Act cases are administered through the Department of Labor. It is the same law, same system and the same Judges. We understand DBA cases. We understand the DBA insurance companies.

We want you to know that we offer you a choice: A local attorney who is going to learn the DBA with your case or lawyers that have been handling cases before the Department of Labor since 1987.

Chosen The Wrong DBA Lawyer?

Discuss your situation with us.

We are often contacted by those affected by serious injury or their loved ones to discuss the possibility of transferring their case to us from another law practice. Often, the law practice working on the case at that time, do not have the experience or ability to offer the full range of expertise and services that we at offer.


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