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Is your employer stealing your money by misclassifying you as an "independent contractor?" Are they stealing your wages?

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is one of the more common ways that employers steal employee wages.   If you are classified as an independent contractor, then you are not owed overtime, meal periods, expenses reimbursed, etc.  

The truth of the matter is almost all workers are employees, not independent contractors and that an agreement between the parties cannot establish an independent contractor status. That is determined by law, based primarily on whether the employer has control over the work to be done and the manner in which it is performed.

If you are being classified as an independent contractor, odds are, your employer has misclassified you.

Does your employer have their hand in your wallet?  Is you employer stealing your wages?  We can provide a quick analysis in order for you to find out whether you are receiving all the wages to which you are entitled. 

Be sure to consult with an experienced wage and hour attorney in California.  Misclassifying employees is a huge issue in California.  Be sure to protect your rights under the California wage and hour laws. 

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