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Injured While Working For Holland America Lines?

Holland America Lines and CDC Inspections

The cruise line Holland America says it was an "aberration" when inspectors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September 2012 found multiple sanitation violations, including brown liquid dripping on clean dishes and a fly on the buffet, on the line's MS Veendam.

Was it though? Was it really an "aberration" as Holland America Lines claims?  What do you think?  Do you work aboard a Holland America vessel?

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  inspections are supposed to be conducted without any advance warning?  If you actually work on a Holland America Line vessel have you ever been told to immediately get the vessel in order?  And then soon thereafter have a Centers for Disease Control inspection go down?

Some people think that the CDC inspections are supposed to be conducted at times which are not known to the vessel/ cruise line.  However, we could find no where on the official CDC site which actually states this.  

If you are a crew member on a Holland America Line vessel, you have probably seen some really bad stuff go down.  Probably much worse than having “brown liquid” dripping onto clean dishes.  


Holland America Jones Act Lawyer - HAL Maritime Ltd. Jones Act Attorney
MS Veendam in Alaska

Capacity: 1,350 passengers
Crew: 580

Your Rights as a Crewmember: Maintenance and Cure

Crew members on Holland America Line vessels, often work directly for Holland America or an outfit called HAL Maritime, Ltd.

Here is the long and short of the matter. Cruise ships are extremely dangerous places to work.  Crew members get very seriously injured on cruise ships.  Why? Because cruise ships care more about making profit than your safety and welfare.  By what you have seen with Holland America, you might agree.

Whether you are an Officer an ordinary seaman, an entertainer, a hair stylist, a bartender or a food server - - when you get seriously injured on a Holland America Line vessel you need to take important steps to protect your legal rights.

As a crew member on a Holland America Line vessel you are probably what is called a “Jones Act Seaman.”  Don’t get hung up on the term “Seaman.” A piano player is a Jones Act Seaman if they work aboard a cruise ship.  So is an Officer, an AB, or an engineer and a dancer.

If you are seriously injured while working on a Holland America Line vessel you are probably  entitled to “maintenance.”  Maintenance is a daily allowance, sort of like a weekly workers compensation check while you are injured and recovering from your injuries).  You are also entitled to what is called “cure.”  This is a maritime term for medical treatment until you reach maximum medical improvement.

Jones Act Seaman may also be  entitled to future medical treatment, past wage loss, future wage loss, pain and suffering damages and loss of enjoyment of life damages.


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