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GENERAL DYNAMICS - - NASSCO - - Layoffs and Work Injuries - - Protecting Your Rights

Layoffs and Work Injuries - - Protecting Your Rights


General Dynamics - NASSCO - has announced major layoffs. It is reported a fourth of the NASSCO shipbuilding work force are facing layoffs. Over 1,000 NASSCO shipyard workers are expected to be laid-off. And another 500 subcontractor employees also face lay-off. NASSCO is the largest shipyard on the west coast. 


What does this mean to NASSCO employees? NASSCO has traditionally been one of the most hazardous places to work in San Diego. Studies have documented working at NASSCO is more hazardous than working a police beat in the toughest neighborhoods in San Diego. Working in the shipyard is dangerous. Very dangerous.



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The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC understands that you have questions about your rights and safety, and are probably concerned what might happen to you if you were seriously injured while working at NASSCO Shipyard. We are committed to fighting to get you the justice you deserve, and maybe help you regain your peace of mind in the process. Contact The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC today to discuss your case with a Longshore Act Attorney.



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