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El Centro Overtime Lawyer I Imperial County Overtime Attorney I Brawley Wage and Hour Lawyer

In Imperial County, El Centro and Brawley, many employers put profits ahead of following wage and hour laws.  Many companies don’t pay overtime. Under California law, you are entitled to time and a half after working 8 hours a day or 40 hours a weeks.

Many Imperial County, El Centro and Brawley companies routinely ask employees to work off the clock, misclassify employees as "managers" to avoid paying them overtime, and commit other violations of California wage and hour laws and/or the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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If your employer  is breaking California law by not paying you all of the compensation you are entitled to, the El Centro wage and hour attorneys at The Turley Law Firm are here to enforce your rights. We represent employees throughout Imperial County. Our El Centro Overtime attorneys can help you get the money wages you are entitled to.

The El Centro Overtime Lawyers at the Turley Law Firm bring and win class actions to recover unpaid overtime compensation for large groups of employees. Our El Centro Overtime Lawyers continue to be leaders in this area, handling some of the nation’s largest and most complex wage and hour overtime class actions.

Why You Should Talk To An El Centro Overtime Attorney

The Imperial County employers most likely to violate overtime laws are smaller businesses such as construction companies, agricultural companies, feed lots, feed factories, hotels, restaurants, franchised fast food chains, financial services, banking, medical providers, convalescent homes, home health care companies, nurseries, landscaping companies, janitorial services companies, and a lot of other small and large businesses. Even Big Companies  violate mandatory overtime laws, especially in the food service, retail and computer industries and especially when they mis-classify workers as an "Exempt Employee."

We Handle Imperial County, El Centro and Brawley Overtime Pay And Unpaid Wage Claim Violations Class Action Lawsuits

If you need an unpaid Imperial County Overtime lawyer, we sue companies for overtime pay violations in class action cases.

If We Don't Win Your Overtime, Missed Meal, Late Paycheck Case - You Don't Pay

If we do not recover any money for you in your overtime, unpaid wage, denied rest break or denied lunch break case, you won't owe us a penny. Guaranteed.

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