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The Biggest Problem With The Defense Base Act

This Defense Base Act Lawyer website is written in plain English to help you and your family get the medical treatment and money that you are entitled under the Defense Base Act. We give you an insiders view of Defense Base Act Law.


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“What do I mean by Defense Base Act Lawyer Straight Talk? Plain English, with no sugarcoating, no B.S. lawyer talk, no double talk.”  Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Always tell the truth

Always tell the truth regarding your Defense Base Act injury claim. Whenever you go into court asking for money your credibility is always at issue. Don't fudge or exaggerate your claim or injuries. You only have one case and you don't get any "do-overs." Don't risk losing your case - - always tell the truth.

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The Biggest Problem With The Defense Base Act

The biggest problem with the DBA system are the delays.  The system simply wasn’t ready for the thousands of seriously injured DBA workers.  There are not enough Judges to handle all the cases. Thus, there is a serious delay from the time you file your claim until your case will go to trial.  After your trial, there is sometimes a delay of up to 18 months before a decision is reached.  

Because of the delays, you need to vigilantly stay on top your case to make sure it is moving through the DBA system.  Some cases can be settled relatively early.  Other cases can take years before they are finally resolved.  


The Good News

You can win your case. You can either get a lifetime weekly payout or a lump-sum settlement. But this will only happen if the DBA insurance company knows you and your lawyer are ready and able to win in court. That is why you need to be able to negotiate from a position of strength.



This Is The Most Comprehensive Defense Base Act Website

This is the most comprehensive Defense Base Act Lawyer website. Each month this website gets hundreds of searches related to Defense Base Act issues.  Seriously injured DBA workers and their families use this website to help win their DBA case.   Learn about DBA Law



Not Hiring A Seasoned Defense Base Act Lawyer Is Always A Mistake

Not having a lawyer means your case will continue to be delayed.  It is difficult enough to have your case won at trial.  The procedural hoops you are going to have to jump through are hard enough already.  It is almost impossible to get your case in a position so you can win at trial without a seasoned DBA Lawyer.  

In most case, every day you wait to hire a good Defense Base Act lawyer is another day you are going to have to wait to get the compensation you deserve. 



You Don’t Need A Settlement Lawyer

The DBA insurance companies sure know the “settlement lawyers” from the trial lawyers.  In many instances, the DBA insurance company will not offer a fair settlement because they know the injured worker’s lawyer does not have the skill and courage to take your case to trial and win.  First and foremost, you need a lawyer that is willing to take your case to trial.  Only then, will you be able to get a reasonable settlement.  

This is not to suggest that we don’t settle cases. We do settle DBA cases. However, we settle from a position of strength.  If the settlement is not good for you, you need a lawyer that can and will take your Defense Base Act case to trial and win.


Don't Ever Give A Lawyer Money To Handle Your DBA Case

We don’t ever accept retainer money or advance payment from injured DBA workers.  If an attorney tells you that you need to pay them money to handle your DBA case, you should run. Fast.  It is illegal for a lawyer to charge you money to handle your DBA case. Instead, our attorney fees for DBA cases are always approved by the Department of Labor or the Judge.  There is no attorney fee unless we prevail.  In most instances, our attorney fees are paid in addition to the compensation you receive.  


Get Your Life Back

We stand up to the Defense Base Act insurance company that is trying to keep you from getting needed medical treatment and compensation you deserve.


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